Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tip of the week

Here's my tip of the week for you:

When trying to decide how much wool that you will need for a rug hooking project...figure you will need 4-6 times the area that you are wanting to hook. If you have an area that is 4" x 4" then you will need 64-96 square inches of wool to hook that area or a piece or pieces that add up to be 16"x16" up to 24" x 24" or something that makes that equivalent.

When I'm hooking a rug I figure on 6 times the area...I tend to hook a bit higher than most...if you are a high hooker you will need closer to 6 times the amount....if you are a "packer"....same thing. Better to have a little bit too much than to run out with a few rows to go!!!

Have you ever had a rug design that had lots of leaves around the border....those things that are hard to "figure" how much wool you will's an idea....get a piece of tracing paper or computer paper and lay it over the leaves...trace ALL of the leaves onto your sheet of paper and then use the size of the paper to decide how much you wool you will need.....trace all of the leaves close together....NOT the way they appear on your pattern.

Go forth and be creative,


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