Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little peeks inside my home Part 2

YIKES! I really need some organization in my life!!!

I mean honestly....have you ever seen such chaos?! Now, I know some of you out there are saying....yeah, but creative people are messy....yeah, yeah, whatever....who can be creative in a mess like this....I can't even find things that I NEED to create!!!

I've been working on this project for the last week and here are the pictures of the part of my rug hooking room that ARE finally organized......

This is the bed area.....can't say that myself or anyone else has ever slept here, but I love the sheets on this bed...they just have that yummy cottagy feel to them and I just LOVE them! The big cabbage roses....from one of my favorite places to shop....Target!!! I might as well tell you I have an affinity for old stuffed animals that just look like they have been overly loved and I just can't seem to part with them....I know....I'm 39....what's the deal?! So, on the bed I have a big old patchwork teddy bear who is wearing my Las Vegas sun hat and a big old carnival dog.

Here are some of my pitiful old stuffed animals that needed homes....I really love the little pug dog....I'd like to make one of these using pretty wools one day. I also love the little poodle too! The doll was my great grandfather's when he was a baby and it has 3 faces on the same head....smiling, crying and grandmother gave it to me for Christmas this year. The little stitchery was a gift from my good friend, Reba.
Here are pictures of some of my wool storage....two old cupboards ...the top one my husband found for me for like $5 and the bottom one I bought at one of my favorite antique/flea markets in Ozark, Missouri called the "Seed Box".

The rug on the top cupboard was a piece I hooked....a pattern design from Judith Groff...I learned to braid on this rug and will never part with it! The little cubicles on the right house some of the current projects I'm working on.

This is the inside of the bottom is houseing my "neutral" wools from the lightest on top to the darkest on the bottom.....LOTS of recycled wools which are just so hard to store neatly....I hope to work through them all one day and have them in rugs!!!

This is the bookcase beside my houses scads of rug hooking books, books on fashion and cookbooks....a few buckets of wool worms on the bottom shelf. I'm pretty happy with the bed and the bookshelf!!! As far as my favorite books....for rug hooking it would be "Hooked Rug Treasury" by Jessie Turbayne...if you love primitives this is a great resource to help you color plan rugs and make them have that OLD's a link to it at Amazon

My favorite book on fashion is "What Not To Wear" by Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall . This book ROCKS and has saved me tons of money learning to buy the right things for my shape.

As far as cookbooks go....I can't say that I have an absolute favorite...I do however, have a journal type cookbook where you can write down all of your favorite recipes...that way you're not always digging through your cookbooks looking for that one "favorite" recipe...all of your favorites are right in the same book and are easy to find!

This is the inside of the walk-in closet.....okay, one side of the has more recycled wools and odd shaped pieces....the top shelf has blues, greens and purples and the next row is reds, oranges and yellows....tried to do this with cool colors on top and warm colors on the bottom. The third shelf holds off white wool that can be overdyed.

The other side of the closet is still not organized yet.

I guess I'm posting this here on the blog so you can follow my journey of getting organized....I hope to put a skirt around the table and be able to store things underneath it as well as use the top to draw out patterns and have some of my hooking friends over to hook and dye and have all kinds of fun!!!

Stay tuned for more pictures as I make my journey to becoming more organized. For those of you who buy my hand-dyed wools on ebay....I have them in this room too, but that area is still "in-progress". I hope to have more pictures to share with you on Saturday!!!

Go forth and be creative,


  1. I feel so much better when I see organization like seems easier to use if it's not all stacked up perfectly the cupboard of neautrals...

  2. love that cupbaord of neutral woolens...and the rest of your organizing is just like mine! how on earth can some folks keep their places neat?