Monday, September 16, 2013

Not quite ready for the big reveal….

….but in the meantime…..

here are some pictures of the in progress to my hooking

room re-do.

I started out with a nice primitive color called “beeswax”….


…and started replacing it with a paint called “sweet 16”.

Kenny refers to it as the “pink nightmare” Smile


This room has needed to be re-done for quite a while…..


…..for years I was always trying to re-organize it, so that everything

would fit.

Well, guess what?

Sometimes you just have TOO MUCH stuff!!!

I sold (3) 33 gallon trash bags of wool to my friend Renee at

Skip To My Ewe on eBay


because I realized that I would probably NEVER IN MY LIFETIME

use all of that wool!  A lot of this wool I’ve had for years, so if there

is a Rebecca Erb wool that you used years ago and can’t find it,

you might check out her store.

I’ve even been working on a wool quilt to try and use some of it up,

but more on that in another post.

I also let go of journaling items that I’d been holding onto as well.

This re-do has been a journey in being realistic about how I spend my

time and how much “real estate” I can allow certain things in my life

to take up.



There has been a lot of “letting go” and “space clearing” as well

as just pondering…..

Why am I hanging onto this?

What do I want this space to look like?

I’ve purchased a few new things for the space such as a nice new

pillow top mattress for the bed, because now someone could actually

stay over and sleep in this room….YAY!

I’ve also purchased a nice comfy reading/hooking chair.  Have been looking

for a pretty floor lamp and perhaps some sort of low cabinet for some storage,

but have realized I may or may not need the cabinet because I might have storage

in another piece of furniture somewhere else in the house.

Okay, now I’m rambling…..more pictures later.

They will be much more serene!