Saturday, April 21, 2007

A morning walk in the garden

Today I'm going to be dyeing wool for the store where I teach, Simply Fibers. I know that I need lots of greens and sky blues as those seem to be colors that people always need. I thought what better way to be inspired than to take a morning walk through the back yard while my mind was still way open to receiving thoughts, ideas and colors.

A bit chilly this morning....I think it was about 48 degrees while I was out walking about in my bare feet through the dewy grass. The peonies are almost past their prime, but hopefully as the sun comes out more today they will open up a bit more and put on one more big show. What a wonderful voluptuous yet delicate....just like women!!

While I was out around 7:30 am the squirrels were already up and about starting their day....running back and forth along the ivy covered fence chattering to each other. Lots of people don't like squirrels, but they are very entertaining to bassoon, "Big Truvy", is especially fond of making sure they keep their wits about them and will bark at them and chase them along the fence....if it's not too hot outside and she's in the mood to give them a go!

I also need to dye some browns and oranges and just thought this big urn would be a great color to try to get out of the dye pots today....perhaps a spot dye with a coppery brown and mossy greens together. Also the lambs ear in the foreground is such a pretty soft blue sage green...another great color to work towards today. My husband made the fountain....if you look really close you can see that the water runs off the side of the urn and down into a grate covered hole....when it's really hot outside the dogs love to lick the side of the urn to get their water....kind of a garden dog water fountain of sorts.

This is one of my favorite trees in the least so far this year....I believe my husband said it was called a Golden Himalayan cedar ....a kind of weeping cedar's so beautiful this year and I just love the colors in it! So much that I even took a close up picture. Just look at those chartreuse greens, dark greens and lime greens...all on the same tree....just inspiring!!!

This is another one of my favorite case you haven't noticed I like trees with character....weeping and irregularly shaped....odd colors....I can't remember what this tree is called....we call it a Charlie Brown Christmas is growing really tall and kind of has limbs that stick out with no rhyme or reason....I just love this tree! It is the most magnificent shade of blue!! We planted it about 10 years ago and it was about 6 foot tall at that it's waaaay taller than our house!!!!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to go outside...even if just for a little bit,


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