Sunday, April 15, 2007


When you are cutting your strips for rug hooking try to hook them parallel to the selvedge edge of your wool for a stronger strip....this is mainly important when you are working with plaids or other textured wools. Sometimes the wool will come with the selvedge edge still attached, but if not, do this,
pull at the edges of the side will be more stretchy than the other....cut parallel to the LEAST stretchy side!!!!

When I hooked the Millenial Moose rug I had no idea about this......I bought recycled wool skirts and such and just cut my strips so that I could get the longest strip.....luckily the rug has held up fine for me....I think the secret is that most of my plaids were from Pendleton wool and it seems to be a little more flat and tightly woven. For those of you buying pre-cut strips from eBay

I would ask the seller if they have been cut parallel to the selvedge, especially if it is a textured wool....have you ever had a textured strip just pull apart when you were trying to hook with it? was probably not cut parallel to the stronger, selvedge edge!!!!
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