Saturday, April 21, 2007

A fun day dyeing wool!

WOW! I had a blast dyeing wool on Saturday....10 yards!!! That's not a gob for me to do in a day, but all of these were spot dyes or painterly dyes, so they took a bit longer to bake in the oven rather than dyeing in pots on the stovetop.

I started out dyeing a couple of recipes from the Prism Spot dye book...I think in the picture above the first wool is called Morning Sky and the second is Delphinium if I remember correctly. I love the way the Morning Sky turned out. After that I thought it would be fun to dye a brown wool that went from light to dark and that is how the third piece came about.....I'm thinking it will make for hooking some really fine animals!!! Here is a picture of it more close up.

As for the three above...I was going for a chartreusy green with some dark green thrown in.....looking at it now that it is dry, I wish I would have splotched on a darker green color to have a bit more contrast, but it's still pretty....very spring-ish The second piece is a "painterly" type of wool that has cool colors and warm colors in the same piece of wool....I learned this technique from Abby Vakay when I was at rug hooking camp. Really a fun way to dye. The third piece I was going for a blue spruce look, but it's a little too blue....guess I should have put in some sort of sage color.....this dyeing by eye is a total learning experience for me. However, I think it would make great water!!

Thse last four are my favorites of the day! The first is a painterly piece using golds and purples. The second goes from red to orange to gold....I'm thinking PUMPKINS!!! The third piece reminds me of rhubarb with the reds and the greens....this was my husband's favorite piece of the day. The last piece has the cool spectrum of colors from purple to blue to green.
Most of these will end up at the store where I teach rug hooking, but a few may find their way to eBay, so if you see one that you just love....give me a shout!!!
Go forth and be creative,

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