Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Creative Journey Part 3 can listen to music while you read my blog!
This is the first rug that I hooked from a pattern that I drew myself. I call it "Let's Go For a Walk" and it is supposed to depict our departed basset hound, Geairmo.

I based the design on a pair of vintage salt and pepper shakers that I had and then added a bird house from our backyard and a bee skep to symbolize my husband's love of gardening.

Once again, I used mainly recycled wools on this rug. My favorite part of this rug is the sky.....I used a juice glass and just drew around it with a marker and then used different blues for the sky....very whimsical, I think!

This rug was my first adventure into dyeing wool and on this one I dyed the wool for the bee, beeskep and the orange around the perimeter of the rug....I learned that this was another part of rug hooking that I simply adored!!!
Again, this is a rug that has a place on the floor in our home....I really don't understand the reluctance of people to put their rugs on the floor. This was hooked in 2000 and is still holding up great! It's not in a high traffic area, but the basset hounds that we have now love to lay on the rugs and when Geairmo was with us he adored lounging on his own special rug.
In a future post I'll talk about rugs in high traffic areas....I have a big rug in our entry way and it is walked on ALL the time!!!!

Go forth and be creative,

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