Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas stocking and more

Today I thought I’d share a little Christmas with you.

I made this a few years back when I was teaching rug hooking,

and now, like many other things I have, I’m ready to let it pass on

to someone else.


I’ve always been quite taken with deer and if you’ve followed my

blog for very long, you remember that I’ve hooked many rugs with

deer and moose….I think it’s their big cow eyes and their gentle

faces that I love more than anything else.

I’ve listed this stocking on eBay, in hopes that it will find a new home

and be filled on Christmas morning with little delights for someone.

If you want to bid on it click HERE or on the picture above.

Lately, since my return from vacation I’ve been knitting just a bit….

nothing serious mind you, as knitting is a “come and go” type activity

for me.  What I mean by that is that I might knit crazily for a month or

so, and then put it down for a year or so.

The other day, I sat and made this little dishcloth, just to get back in the

swing of things.



Can you tell that it’s a basset hound?

Last night I started on another one that is a tiger paw….

for Mizzou of course!  I’ll share that one when it’s finished.

I’ve also still been hooking on the trout rug….it’s been slow-

going, this rug…..I started it over a year ago, and as you can see,

I still have a ways to go!


I also took time, the other day to stitch up one of my orphan

dogs that Buzzbee found and decided he wanted to play with.

I occasionally pick these up at flea markets and thrift stores…

they are stuffed dogs that have definitely been over-loved and

then cast aside.

Buzzbee pulled her ears off, so I stitched those back on…


While I was stitching those on, I noticed that the side of her

face had come apart, so I stitched it back together as well…


Rather than trying to make it look perfect I decided to just

use x’s, and I quite like the look…..she also had a place on her

back that was coming apart as well….


She also has a foot that needs some work, but I’ll have to

save that for another day….for now, at least her ears are back on!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


It is so cold!!!

Or maybe it just feels extra cold since I’ve been in Florida…..

regardless, it’s been perfect weather for

baking bread…my friend, Patti, taught me how to make this

when I visited her…..this first loaf is almost history!


We’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving, which for me means, figuring

out what type of dressing I’m going to make this year!

I think I’ve decided on this one here….it’s pretty much like

the normal cornbread dressing that I make, except that you

cook bacon and then saute your onion and celery in the bacon fat.

Then the bacon goes into the dressing as well…..

you know what they say, “everything is better with bacon”…

click on the picture to go to the recipe if you want to give it

a try.

Kenny has the table looking all festive….



….and since Thanksgiving falls so late this year, he’s

started the Christmas decorating as well…..



Tonight we’re making more glittered pinecones to add to the

tree.  Playing with glitter is always fun!!

Stay warm!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fun in the Sun


This is the path that leads to paradise…..


An entire beach, with no other people…..


Just birds…


So lucky to get to go and spend a few days with my friend Patti in

Florida…..she took me to the beach, helped me finish my first

knitted hat (that I started oh, I’d say, about 3 YEARS ago)!


She cooked me the most delicious food….salmon with spinach

and tomato and homemade bread (she even taught me how to

make my own….it’s rising as I type)


And I got to spend time with her fur babies, Lily and Belle


The weather could not have been more perfect!  Now I’m back

home and it’s 30 degrees with a high expected of 40…..

Oh well, at least I’ve got a new hat to wear!


Off to bake bread and perhaps hook a bit…..too cold for much else!

Auctions are ending today and tomorrow…click HERE

to see what’s left!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

99 cent auctions

I’ve been working my tail off trying to list GOBS of rug hooking things on eBay!

My intention was to list ALL the things that I’m clearing out, but if I’m lucky I’ll get

all of the books and magazines listed THIS go around.

Stop by and see what I have….everything starts at 99 cents and I’m happy

to combine items and ship them together to save you money.

Click below to go to auctions

Getting ready to head to the beach!

Here are just a few items on eBay……




Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hello from the boys


Lonnie the Lover and Buzzbee are the best snugglers around!

Lonnie always has to have his left front leg cocked up over my leg

when he is by me on the sofa.

Buzzbee will always jump up in that little crook between me and the

sofa….doesn’t matter if there is an inch or a foot….if there is only

an inch, he barks at me like he is saying, “hey, lady, move it over”!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gallery wall

For now, here are the final pictures of my re-done room.

I still have one more wall that I am working on, but until I get

“just the right cabinet”, and refinish another little chair, I’ll

save it until it’s completed.


I have a little negative space on the right, but I just don’t have

that many small rugs to fill in that spot.  However, I have a little

chair that will sit in that corner…..just looking for the right fabric

to recover it in…..I’ve been on the hunt, and I think I “might”

have found something that will work….that is ONE of my missions



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Actually hooking

I actually sat down and hooked yesterday…..this is the first time I’ve

hooked in MONTHS!

It was so nice!


I started this rug over a year ago…..slowly progressing….


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More pics of the guest/hooking room

Oh, I’ve been so slow about sharing pictures……

but here are a few more….

these focus more on my hooking spot….

found a nice comfy chair at TJMaxx….

as well as the little shell table…..

the hooked rug pillow is a pattern I hooked a few years ago from Maria Barton

at Star Rug Company called “Lazy Sheep”.


I love this spot, because it’s right in the corner of 2 windows that let in

marvelous daylight and if I want I can turn the chair and look out the windows

and into the garden.

The bedside table is just a little chippy table that Kenny picked up at a garage

sale a few years back….I’ve started re-painting the legs, but they are not finished,

so I’ll show you that later on when it’s finished.


The hooked rug on the table is from eBay….it’s made entirely from

women’s lingerie… pretty and unusual!


The bookends are from Leola’s. Vintage and sweet.

Did I mention that this is my girly room?!


Two little shabby pink baskets fit underneath the table for extra

storage….the bottom one is filled with old Rug Hooking Magazines,

patterns, and dye books that I’ll be selling on eBay soon.


Be back soon!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The bed

My wonderful husband bought me this vintage iron bed several years ago.  Sadly, it’s almost always been piled high with “stuff” for years on end.  Now that the room is cleared out and “re-done” I can enjoy it in all it’s glory.


BEFORE in a rare cleaned up state

A few more shots


I guess you could say this is the “sheep” area of the room.


The white primitive trunk came from Leola’s and it contains

my current hooking project. (the goal of this room was for it to

function as a guest room, but have creative storage for my other

stuff) The shaker box has wool worms inside.


Here you can see a few of my sheep themed rugs, along with one that

I got in a swap from Pat Frasier of Houston, TX.


These are my vintage sheep pictures and paintings and thermometers.

I love them….love them even more now that they are grouped together.


Close up of one of my favorite dolls from my childhood.


It’s a beautiful fall day here today, hope the weather in your area

is nice as well.

I’ll try to share more pictures soon.

Bo Bo has a home

This cute little guy has found a home!!! YAY!!

I know I’ve been remiss from blogging for quite some time….

taking some pictures and will have more to share with you soon!