Friday, September 30, 2011


Looks like Daisy has found a home….who could resist that sweet face?!

I’m still feeling a bit unsettled, but I have settled on a book to read…..

I’m only a few chapters in, but really enjoying it so far.

Today, Saturday and Sunday is the Ozarks Craft Show.

Even though I’m not participating I have a few friends who are so be sure and stop by

their booths if you get a chance to go.

Renee and Kelly will be in the big brown barn with their hooked rugs, stitched pillows,

wool and assorted other goodies.

Another friend, Meredith, will be in big tent #5…..she previewed some of her goodies on

Facebook……looks like lots of girly goodness for sure!!!

Get out and enjoy the weekend!  Just have to make it through work today……

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here it is, the ending of summer

and the beginning of fall. 

This time of year always seems to make me feel unsettled… an itch that you can’t quite scratch,

or being hungry, but not being able to find just the right food to quell your hunger…..salty….no, sweet…, crunchy……no, creamy….no.

I want to read, but do I want mystery, romance, adventure……..

I want to get out my sweaters, but it’s not quite cold enough…..

Want to wear my flip-flops, but it’s getting a little too cool…..

In the past few weeks I’ve bought new faux fur boots and some jewel toned tights, but it’s not QUITE right to wear them yet.

That yearning for cold weather, but wanting to hold on to the longer days of summer.  Why can’t we have fall with lots of light….lots and lots of hours of light?

Like I said, unsettled……

Monday, September 19, 2011

Samantha and “Blood on the Rug”

While I was talking to Elinor Barrett, at the Truman Rug Show, she told me that she adopted one of the dogs that was featured on my side bar last year…..this was Samantha on my blog last year… Sammie Jane Doe….now that makes me smile!

Elinor said she had also made up a story about Sammie Jane’s past life and how she came to be in hers…….

“I didn't tell you that I've made up a history of her life. Did you watch
the Bourne movies? Well, Jason Bourne was originally David Webb from
Nixa, MO. I think he left her behind when he went into the CIA and that's
when the Nixa pound picked her up. (I may have too much time on my

Oh Elinor…..this makes me feel so “un-alone”…..we make up stories about our dogs all the time.

If you’d like to meet Elinor, she’ll be at the Baa Baa Boonville Hook-in Saturday, 29 October 2011. $15 to attend (This price includes morning pastries, lunch, snacks and beverages.)

E-mail me and I’ll be happy to send you their flyer!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

~from Elinor~


We are so looking forward to seeing all of you at our Blood on the Rug~Halloween Hook~in, October 29th. We already have 83 registrants and are expecting more and a wicked good time! We want you to have a wonderful weekend and have updates for you to help you in your planning. If you registered other people, please pass this information along to them.

1. We've spoken with the managers at the Boonville hotels and they love the idea of hookers at work in their lobbies and rooms they're making available. Sounds like a pajama party to us! At least two hotels (Hotel Frederick


and Comfort Inn


are offering a special and most excellent rate - just tell them you're with the Baa Baa Boonville Hook-in for either Friday +/or Saturday nights. There's also a special public reception scheduled on Saturday afternoon at the Hotel Frederick that will include quilt appraisals and book signing by Ann Hazelwood. Also,Glenn's Cafe,

the restaurant at the Frederick is terrific and highly recommended. We encourage you to check it all out! Let's show them what a good time hookers can bring to the Boonville hotels!

....See all the details on the hotels below.

2. We're busy brainstorming for our breakfast and lunch menus. No hook-in would be complete without the snacks and desserts, and because we're going to have such a large crowd...

...if you feel so inspired to bring a treat along, we would be totally delighted!

3. We've added more vendors! In addition to Rhonda and Marty from Black Sheep Wool Designs

Patty (Queen of the last weekend's awesome Truman Lake/Warsaw hook-in) from Saltbox Primitives

and Marcia from White Horse Antiques, we are very pleased to welcome the following vendors:

  • Ozark Handspun - if you haven't seen this opulent yarn before, you'll love it! Meet Dave Gentzsch who dyes and spins these gorgeous fibers.

  • Prairie Road Designs - Sheila Arbogast from Wentzville, MO. You'll love Sheila's charming patterns for totes, rugs, pillows, and wool applique. Dog lovers alert - take a look at her cool three-dimensional dog pattern!

  • Sleepy Hollow Wool: delightful bags, beads, dyed wools and more designed with hookers in mind by Mary Barile and Jenny Schutte. You can find them on Facebook and

....And making his first appearance, our newest exhibitor: Hank the wonder dog! We anticipate at least one or two more vendors may also be joining. Stay tuned!

4. Parking is available in a lot next to Turner Hall (on the west side of the building -- between the building and Main Street.) There is also ample street parking.

Let us know if you have any questions and we'll see you on the 29th. Bring lots to show and tell! Best wishes for a great start to fall, and may the wool be with you!


Your Rughooking Fiends


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ode to Dulcy

We have some new fall d├ęcor… husband laughed and called it,

“Ode to Dulcy

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So Thursday after work, I went to my first ever “hot yoga” class.

I’d been told I’d either love it or hate it…..

well, I must say, I’m somewhere in the middle…..

it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Sweaty…..yes! This is me after class.

Doing downward facing dog with sweat dripping down your body and stinging your eyes…..

I knew it would be hot, but had no idea.

I swear there was not a dry spot on me when I finished!

I think I could have probably wrung my shirt out when I was finished…..seriously!

I have not sweated this much since I was in drum and bugle corp in high school

and we would march up and down hills in the humid Missouri August heat.

September is national yoga month and my first class was free, but I also had bought a

series of five classes earlier in the year, but was waiting for the weather to cool off before I gave it a try.

Will I be going back…..yes, I think I’ll try to go once a week until I use up those 5 classes and see if my body becomes more accustomed to the hot room…..100-105 degrees.

Maybe the colder it gets outside, the better that room will feel.

I did decide to bite the bullet and purchase one of these yoga towels….

When I took my first class you could borrow a beach towel to put on top of your

yoga mat, so you wouldn’t slip/slide around in all of your sweat.

It just didn’t work for me….it kept bunching up and sliding around…..hopefully

this will be a good investment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mason has a home

Another great day for the hounds! I thought Mason was

a real cutie pie….evidently someone else did too!

This feller has finally found a home!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Yay Zoey….I hope this is your forever home….

you are one sweet looking basset girl!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook-In

Yesterday, I drove to Warsaw, MO to attend the 1st Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook-In.

All I can say is fabulous! Patty and her “flock” put on quite a stupendous event!

I spent most of my time talking to hooking friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, and did manage to get a little hooking done. I did get several pictures from the rug show to share with you. (sorry that I didn’t get pics of ALL the rugs, but I got a lot)

We got to vote on our favorite rug in the show, so I’ll also let you know which rugs got 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

I also got to meet Wendy Miller of “The Red Saltbox” and let her know that her wool covered cording technique has changed my life.  Seriously….if you haven’t tried this you MUST!  Isn’t it fun to meet someone that you’ve only known through the internet for years and they turn out to be just as nice as you thought they would?!

Okay, on with the show!

Below is the rug that took 3rd place in the “Viewer’s Choice”

Below is the rug that took 2nd place in the “Viewer’s Choice”

Below is the rug that took 1st place in the “Viewer’s Choice”

I’m proud to say that I know both of the women who hooked the 1st and 2nd place rugs.

1st place was Judith Groff and she hooked this from a picture of a one room school house where she went to school.

2nd place was Nelda Johnson….although this is hooked in a primitive palette, Nelda was one of the people who first influenced me to hook with bright colors.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!