Saturday, April 14, 2007

Creative Journey Part 2

Today I'll talk about my first real "rug" that I hooked. It was a pattern from Charles Gay at Mountain Handcrafts in Eureka Springs, Arkansas called Millenial Moose. Here is a link to their website

I bought this pattern as I left my first rug hooking class and bought the "moose" wool from their store. Okay....I was so jazzed about hooking that it only took me part of a day to hook the I was out of wool!!! What to do?! Eureka Springs is quite a little drive from my house.

THRIFT STORES!!! That was the answer!!! The water was hooked from a Pendleton skirt and the border colors were hooked from recycled wool skirts and pants. One of my friends had lots of wool scraps and I used those for the sky.....definitely a lesson in making do.

This rug now lays under a small antique table in our computer room that has kind of a lodge theme going on with log bunk beds and the like.....I really had to get the vacuum after it before I took the likes to grab any available piece of basset hound hair that is floating around :)
As you keep tuned to my blogging you will learn that I have an affinity for hooking moose, caribou and deer....what's that all about?

Also, start watching for TIP OF THE WEEK!!!!

Go forth and be creative,

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