Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions / Schmezolutions

Do you love Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin as much as I do?!

Here are their New Year’s resolutions…..

As for me, I'm not good with resolutions.....

as soon as I make them I start to feel hemmed in.....

I don't like people telling me what to do...

not even myself....

as soon as I feel like I HAVE to do something, it makes me hate it....

even if it's something good and something I would probably enjoy....

And what about tonight?

New Year's Eve.....

the pressure....

the pressure to have fun....

go out with a bang....


I have had a few memorable New Year's Eves..... the one that sticks out the most was when I was 20 and dating Kenny (my now husband).  It was cold and icy outside and I had on the cutest pale pink leather mini skirt and a pale pink sweater with some sort of sparkly design on it…oh yes, and pale pink leather heels….we went out to eat somewhere fancy with a few other couples and then went to the University Plaza for a New Year’s Eve party.

I was only 20 and you were supposed to be 21, so I’m not sure exactly how I got in, but I did…..

It was fun, we were dancing and drinking and living it up and then the power went out….no lights, no music, but they did light candles all around…..very memorable.

I think that tonight we are staying home….I’m cooking steaks, crack potatoes, grilled Romaine hearts and some molten lava cakes…..then a couple of movies….

This one looks like a chick flick….so I picked it out for me….


This one looks like something Kenny will enjoy….

However you spend YOUR New Year’s Eve…..stay safe!

Romo has a home

Yes, it’s a good week for the dogs! Little Romo has found a forever home….what a great way for him to end the year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keep your fingers crossed…..

…..Shannon just might be finding a forever home!

I clicked on her picture yesterday and it says she is “on hold”….I hope this is a good sign!

She’s been on my sidebar for several months now.

Perhaps she will get a forever home for the new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Self-indulgence and re-charging

Took a little time today to head up to Barnes and Noble…..

enjoyed some spinach artichoke quiche, chips and iced tea

and a BIG stack of magazines and books……ahhhhh!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yes, you guessed it….

I know you’re going to find this surprising, but I’ve been in the glitter again!

This time I’ve been glittering some Christmas cards……

Start with a regular, cute Christmas card…..

Brush on a little glue or Mod Podge , where you want the glitter to be….

Sprinkle on glitter…..

Give it time to dry and then shake off the excess….


This is just ONE of the reasons that I gave up teaching rug hooking

and dyeing wool for sale on eBay and locally….now I also have time

to do things that bring “Joy to my World”……like THIS!

Hope you are making time in your holiday season to bring

a little joy to your own world!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A bit more glitter

Today I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping, wrapping and all that.

Here are a few pictures of the front room……

The pinecones are all hand-glittered by Kenny.

Most of the packages are wrapped.

A few more deer in our collection….

I think the deer have been an accidental collection over the years, I looked up the symbolism of them this morning and here is what I found….quite beautiful actually!

Deer, Power Animal, Symbol of Gentleness, Unconditional Love and Kindness
By Ina Woolcott

Deer's medicine includes gentleness in word, thought and touch. The ability to listen, grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance. Understanding of what's necessary for survival, power of gratitude and giving, ability to sacrifice for the higher good, connection to the woodland goddess, alternative paths to a goal .
In the Celtic tradition, there are two aspects of deer - female and male. The Hind (the red female deer), called Eilid in the Gaelic language, symbolizes femininity, subtlety and gracefulness. The Hind is believed to call to us from the Faery realm, tempting us to release the material trappings of so-called 'civilization', to go deep into the forest of magic, to explore our own magical and spiritual nature. The topic gentleness is part of this tradition. Many stories tell of Hinds changing into women, often goddesses, to protect does from being hunted. The lesson to be gleaned here is that when we explore magic and spirituality, it must be with good intention, to harm no living being, but to enter the realm of the wild things in the spirit of love and communion. The Stag, Damh in the Gaelic tongue, is also linked to the sacredness of the magical forest. The Damh represents independence, purification, and pride. It is known as the King of the Forest, the protector of its creatures. For time immemorial people have sought to identify with the stag by ceremonially wearing antlered headdresses and imitating the deer's leaping grace.
Both Celtic and Native American hunters prayed to the deer to give them a good hunt, and in return promised to take no more than was essential for the survival of the tribe. This helps remind us that our spirit of gentleness and unconditional love should extend to all species, not only our own.
Maybe the most effective way to summarize the lessons of these beliefs, is to say that only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can we melt the barriers that separate us from others, from other life forms, and from the beautiful mystery which is our own magical and spiritual gift.
By observing the ways in which deer behave, it is possible to see what amazing qualities - or powers - they possess. From the deer we can learn that the gift of gentleness and caring can help us overcome and put aside many testing situations. Only love, both for ourselves and for others, helps us understand the true meaning of wholeness.
If a deer crosses your path, this may show you that you are a very compassionate, gentle and loving person. If you don't have these qualities, then consider if you have a problem that needs addressing. Are you facing a challenge in your life, whether with a fellow human being or a delicate situation? If you are feeling negative emotions such as anger, try letting go. Think about whether a gentler and more loving approach can sort the issue out. It may be necessary to speak the truth, this is best done with kindness and from the heart, this will generally give a better result.
Deer teaches us how powerful it is to be of gentle demeanor, to exert keen observation and sensitivity. Deer's are in tune with nature and all it comprises. They are sacred carriers of peace and show those with this power animal how to open their hearts and love unconditionally.
Frequently twins or even triplets are born in the spring. Females and males reside in separate groups until the mating season. White-tailed deer are rather sociable, and family members forage food together along with other family groups, which gives the appearance of a large herd. Fawns are born a color that protects them, camouflaging them from a predator’s sight. In the first few days of their life they hardly move, until their energy field is strong and grounded. They then stand up and begin to follow their mother around. A magical sight to behold is fawns coming out of forests, following their tenderly protective mothers. Even when grazing, the mothers are constantly watchful, fully aware and alert of what is going on all around them. They travel through forest and field with deliberateness and clarity, mindful of the fragile creature they nurture and protect. There is a powerful lesson to be learned here by us. Though we are born with an inborn ability to be unconditionally loving, often we are born to parents whose life experiences have taught them to become hard, and to lose that ability to experience and give unconditional love. Watching the deer and her babies is a reminder to honor and respect the child-like innocence within your self and go about your life with gentleness and an open heart. You should also stand strong on your path, in your beliefs, and not allow yourself to get distracted by outside influences.
Deer has entered your life to help you walk the path of love with full consciousness and awareness, to know that love sometimes requires caring and protection, not only in how we love others, but also in how we love ourselves.
A deer's senses are very acute and they see extremely well in low light, giving them the ability to understand the deeper symbolic meanings of things. They can hear a twig snap a very long way off. People with this power animal are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often seeming to possess well developed, even extrasensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening, to be somewhere else. Anyone with power animal has latent clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. They can see between the shadows, detect subtle movements and hear that which is not being uttered. Ask the deer to help you develop these true gifts.
The set of antlers grown by the male deer are antennae that connect it to higher energies. If you come across a deer in the wild, try to count the number of points on their antlers. This number is associated with numerology and can carry great significance for those with this power animal.
Deer teaches us to be gentle, to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our lives. Don't push people to change, rather gently nudge them in right direction, with the love that comes from deer. Love and accept people as they are. The balance of true power lays in love and compassion.
When a Deer totem enters your world, a new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner and there will be an opportunity to express the gentle love that will open new doors for you.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Q & A

I got these questions from Julia’s blog and today I have time to participate.
1. Where is your favorite place to think, reflect and pray?

I’d have to say in bed

or driving in my car

….those are two places which are usually quite. I’ve started the practice of trying to set an intention for my day every morning before I get out of bed.

2. Did you believe in Santa as a kid?

Oh did I?! My grandparents lived in Colorado for a while when I was young.  I remember going to the “North Pole” to sit on the “real” Santa’s lap…he brought me a baby doll that I saw in his workshop…I still have her!  I think I believed in Santa until about 5th grade….to be honest, I still believe Smile

3. What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookies? You can add a recipe if you have time.

Hmmmm, I’m not much of a cookie person, so I don’t have a favorite kind of Christmas cookie…..does that make me odd?

However, I love, Love, LOVE fudge….especially with walnuts in it….that is one thing that I have a hard time passing up!

4. Did you grow up around any of your grandparents?

I was especially fortunate to have 4 grandparents and 4 great-grandparents until I was in high school….I grew up around all of them and have many fond memories.

5. What is your favorite winter sport-skiing, skating, sledding, others(? ) ? If you live in a warm place what is your favorite winter sport when the Olympics are televised?

My favorite winter sport would be sledding if we ever got enough snow…..I remember sledding a LOT when I was younger,

but it seems now we get more ice than snow.  I actually like just about everything about the winter Olympics, but my favorites would be ice-skating, luge, the downhill skiing jumpers, downhill skiers and snowboarders….yes, LOVE winter Olympics!

No clear winner

I think this is nice.  There was no clear winner in the bird contest.

Poor bird #1 got no votes….she’s a little sad, but she’s a bit of a “bordello” bird…..or at least that’s a “nice” way of saying what we dubbed this little bird. Yes, she’s a bit “whore-ish” looking and she was made by me Smile

Birdie number 2 got 2 votes and she was created by Kenny….yes, he’s quite creative!

Birdie number 3 also got 2 votes and was also created by Kenny.  Someone commented that this bird would have gotten more votes, but got a bit cheated because it only had one picture….perhaps that is true….it is a simple, but elegant bird.

Birdie number 4 also got 2 votes and was created by our friend, David….I think this is the most exotic little bird of the bunch!

Birdie number 5 also got 2 votes and was created by myself….personally, I like the pink beaded band around it’s neck…..yes, both of my birds had a touch of pink! Big surprise!

Birdie #6 got 1 vote and was the first bird that Kenny created….also another one of my favorites for it’s exotic look!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and vote.

I do kind of like it that we didn’t have a clear winner….

….everyone sees beauty in a different way and that makes me smile!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You’re never too old for…..


Saturday night we sat down at the dining room table amidst the deer and

poinsettias and proceeded to make glittered birds!  We had so much fun, just

like little kids!

These birds, started out as black with gold bodies…..that is, until we got ahold of them!




This next little group started out as olive colored birds…..funny how they change once they are all glittered!




Of course, there were 3 of us making them, sooooo….

nothing like a little competition… for your favorite….

Each bird’s number is ABOVE their picture.

Let me know by leaving a comment or feel to e-mail me…I’ll let you know results on Thursday!