Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Glimpse around the Garden

Kenny was out early this morning taking pics of the garden….

spring has definitely arrived! He found two birds nests, one

in the pine tree in the back yard and one in our fern

hanging on the front porch…I think it has an intruder egg

in it.



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One more dog has found a home, another one in need

Little miss Whitney July has found a home…..that didn’t take long…

of course if you read her story, it just made you love her that much


Good luck you little July Hound!

My new little guy just warms my heart…..look at that sweet face….


When he was taken into foster care he looked like this….

Honestly… can people do this to dogs, it’s just so heartbreaking

and one of the reasons that I try so hard to get people to consider adopting

a dog, rather than buying one….I know it’s hard to look at, but really,

what kind of person lets a dog get to this point!

Here is a new picture of Chip, since he’s been in foster care….

I do hope that he finds a forever home, that will give him all the

love he definitely deserves!

Chip is on my side bar or you can click on his picture above,

to see him on Petfinder.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A little bit of this

What’s up buttercup?

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about what I’ve been up to….

actually not a whole lot, but then again, maybe it IS a lot.

Last week I made a birthday cake for my friend and co-worker, Reba.


(Reba is on the far right…taken at War Eagle craft show

a few years ago)

I’m so glad I got a chance to make this cake for her….it was inspired by

this picture on Pinterest,

“click on the picture to go directly to the recipe for

Summer Strawberry Coconut Cake”

or as I like to refer to it…..

“I’m so inadequate in everything I do!”

I mean, look at the cake, and the background..

it’s sooooo beautiful….we’re talking food porn!

It had been sitting in my file called “Let Them Eat Cake

Doesn’t it look rich and decadent?  Well, it is!



The batter has pureed strawberries, and chopped strawberries, and a few

tablespoons of strawberry gelatin powder give it this nice pink color….

oh yeah, and a cup of coconut!

The batter was yummy….I swear, I could eat it by the spoonful!

And then there is the cream cheese frosting….


2 sticks of butter, 1 block of cream cheese and a 32oz package of powdered

sugar and a tsp. of vanilla….Paula Deen, eat your heart out!!!

Now the hardest part about making a new recipe to take to work, especially

if it’s a cake…you don’t get to try it until everyone else does… could

be a grand slam, or it could be an epic fail…..


Let’s just say the recipe has gone into my other board on Pinterest,

called “Cook it Again Tam!”, these are recipes that were hits and that I

would definitely make again!  Oh yeah, the strawberries on top….they are

attached to skewers which is keeping the layered cake from shifting or

falling over during transport to work….I thought that up all on my own!


I’ve also still been working on “the quilt”….here it is all sewn together…

I had to drag in an extra table from the garage, so I could start the “basting”

or “pinning” process.  I chose to pin the layers together.

I went to the fabric store and got 3 packages of curved quilting pins….I thought

that would be plenty.


I had to stop and go back and get 3 MORE packages of pins….

that’s a LOT of pinning! Here it is below, with all it’s pins in!



I managed to get all of the quilting done yesterday, but I had to go back to

the fabric store and get more pins….I know, I already told you that….when I

was getting the pins, I also grabbed a “walking foot” for my machine…

of course, I had to end up taking that back because it didn’t fit my machine,

so I made another trip to a sewing store and got a part that DID fit….so,

I’m cranking right along and I run out of thread….you guessed it…another

trip! It’s a good thing I live in the middle of town and everything is super

convenient for me!  I don’t think I’d ever be able to live in the country….I’m just

not organized enough!

Today, I’ll be working at making and sewing on binding…..hope I don’t have any extra