Thursday, April 26, 2007

One thing crossed off of the "to do" list! YAY!

Kind of late posting this evening....10:30.....late for me anyway....I have to crawl out of bed at 5:10am, but I hooked most of the evening and FINALLY finished the binding on this Tax Day Challenge was supposed to be finished ON Tax Day....I had to file an extention! This was a pattern that was e-mailed to us from Kelley from Primitive Rug Hookers Group on eBay. It was based on an antique quilt. It was really fun to see how everyone interpreted it and see what design changes they made as well as all of the different color choices.

I LOVE words, so I decided to put WISH on mine. It sits on top of a little footstool that I use to reach things that are a bit too high up in the hooking room....I guess I was thinking, "I wish I could reach that"!!!

It's turned cool again here....had to put on the coat and glove to walk the dogs least the rain has stopped....the dogs have been cooped up without a walk for the past 2 nights and they just really needed to get outside and walk around the block and sniff. Now they are so much more relaxed!!!

Oh yeah, if you are not familiar with the Primitive Rug Hookers Group....look for us on eBay by typing PRHG in your ebay search engine....lots of delightful items made from wools and threads. We have a May Day launch coming up quickly.....I don't have anything made for it.....perhaps I'll auction off something I already have that fits our theme. Here is an easy link for you to check out
Go forth and be creative,

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