Sunday, December 22, 2013

Imperfect vs. Perfect

I was just thinking this morning that when I make something or do something,

I would like it to be perfect.

However, when I’m looking at pictures, I’m drawn to

the imperfect…


The worn….


the charming….



Saturday, December 14, 2013

More snow

We got a few more inches of snow last night, on top of

freezing rain.


I took this picture at about 4:30 am….I love

the pink glow that it has.

Now that it is morning, some of the snow has started to melt…

notice the difference in the big tree in the background…

snow is gone.  Sometimes it’s worth it to get up extra early

to make your husband coffee before he heads out to deliver

Christmas cheer.


Some of the smaller trees are still hanging onto their snow,

so pretty.


Today will be the perfect day to finish the wrist warmers and

wrap packages.  Stay warm!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bits of snow, ice and holidays


(this reminds me of Lonnie and Buzzbee when they

are playing in the snow)

The weather here in Missouri has been cold and snowy.


Just as things are beginning to melt, they are predicting freezing

rain to start Friday morning…..

I’m sure that will make our giant icicle even bigger!!! This reaches from the edge

of the sunroom, pretty much all the way to the ground!!

Pretty incredible actually!


This has been the perfect weather for crafting and decorating.

I’ve been crafting and teaching myself new stitches in knitting….

mainly just making little dishcloths which take me several hours

just to make one….

On this one, it taught me how to bind off stitches in the middle

of the pattern and then turn my work and keep knitting in the other direction.

I like the shape of it Smile


On this one….shown “in progress” I learned to

make bobbles….


I’m now working on some wrist warmers and hope to show you those

when they are finished.

While I’ve been learning some new knitting skills, Kenny has been decorating.

He made a trip to Wickman Gardens and picked up some beautiful



He bought several small ones to put in his antique Christmas tree



…as well as this large one that is shaped into a tree…


Then there is this one that is just huge…..


Yes, I did a little decorating myself….I put most of the ornaments

on the big tree this year….all but the Mizzou ornaments and

the clip on ornaments….I left those for Kenny to put on.


Oh yeah, he also decorated the tip top of the tree….I never

can reach up that far!


Of course it wouldn’t be right for it to be Christmas time without

an amaryllis to watch sprout up and bloom….



While I was on vacation in Florida, Kenny managed to

bring a few more trees home, but he did sell a few of

the old ones on Craigslist….ya gotta love Craigslist….great

place to buy and sell bigger items.

He got a new tree for the den….it’s decorated with his

hand-glittered pine cones.



Another new addition is this large lantern holder from

Branches that he  filled with bottlebrush trees and deer.


The silvery tinsel trees are a new addition to the dining room

this year as well…


An antique Santa that we found in St. Louis many years ago…

one of my favorite Christmas decorations…


Pictures of the dogs after they went for their run

in the snow at the park….everyone was exhausted that

night….me included…running in the snow with heavy snow

boots on will wear you out!!!



Love the mantle…it’s a mish-mash of more Christmas d├ęcor,

new and old…


Hope you are enjoying this holiday time.