Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I know for sure…..

Sometimes you have to throw “color theory” out the window and just hook what you know.

Last night I sat down to hook on the garden rug and started working on the background….I thought I would make part of it look like sky….I thought maybe the bright flowers against a drab background would be striking.

What I wasn’t thinking about was that if you have a super-bright sunny yellow sunshine……your sky is NOT going to be drab…..I’ll be doing some “reverse” hooking tonight and hooking what I KNOW….skies are not drab when it’s sunny out!

What do you know for sure?


  1. Tammy this is gorgeous!! I am LOVING the colors!!! WOW!! and your new bigger pics really bring it home too! I need to whip out that hook and give this a real go!

  2. I know that if it doesn't stop snowing here, I'm going to start walking to Florida soon! LOL! The beautiful strong colors in your rug are a blessed sight for these snow weary eyes! :-)

  3. i know for sure: that my lust for hooking more tonight had wained until i saw that lovely yellow sky...


    here i go... i have tons of surfboard to finish... :)