Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine rugs

This morning I was rummaging through my wool room looking for a tree rug that I had hooked and ran across these two rugs that were rolled up….guess I’d better get them out and display them somewhere….at least during February!

How many of you hook rugs specifically for the holidays?

I don’t have one for Groundhog Day, but I think I have rugs for most every holiday there is!


  1. I have a few for the Holidays. No groundhog day or President's day though lol. Love looking at what you have with the hearts. Make sure you get them out and enjoy them! That's why we hook them, right? I sometimes forget about them since they are rolled and stored in a crock.

  2. Tammy, how could you NOT have a rug for Groundhog Day? hahaha. I started to do seasonal rugs, and only got the winter one done. ohwell.