Monday, February 1, 2010

Seed beads

Now is when I wish I had more experience with photography…..photographing the beading is difficult.  I wish you could see the way they shimmer against the wool…..
When I bought the beads, I had no idea just how TINY they were….sewing on was TEED-E-US to say the least.
Funny, in the pictures it reminds me of caviar.


  1. Tammy. I am so impressed with the adventures you have with your rug hooking. Way outside of my box...netherland. But, you ROCK!

  2. Very pretty! Can't wait to see this im person....of course you will bring it to the Boathouse Hook In!

  3. This rug keeps getting better and better. First the petals spilling over the edges and now the glitter. Fab!

  4. The beads look great.Adds such fun.