Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow on branches….cookies

(Winter tree picture from ThomasN2010’s photostream)

I made dough for these chocolate krinkle cookies on Sunday….how fitting that when I baked them tonight we were getting another dusting of snow.  They remind me of barren trees with just a hint of snow on their branches.  I think that when I make them again I might shape them in little logs and rename them “snow on branches” cookies.

(get the recipe HERE.  Thanks Kim for heading me in the direction of yet another great recipe!)

After work, we walked the dogs in an older neighborhood…..

very peaceful….

snow falling,

the sounds of our footsteps on the wet sidewalks,

  an occasional jangling of dog tags as the dogs shook the fine snow off of their coats.

An easy evening.

Once we were home we decided to have left-overs from Sunday night’s dinner of taco salad and then kick back for the rest of the evening.

The dogs settled in quickly once the fire was lit….there is really nothing more peaceful to me than to have a dog draped across your lap gently snoring while you watch tv or read a book.



  1. The cookies do mirror the image of the trees!! Love it!!! Glad you're enjoying some time out in the snow! :o)

  2. Love these cookies, my family has made them every year at our annual cookie bake! My favorite at winter time so great to see someone else who enjoys them too!