Saturday, February 6, 2010

It’s Spring Indoors


My wonderful husband made this arrangement for me to have when my hooking group gathered the other night. It was a highlight for me because the rest of the night was a bust.

I came home from work early on Tuesday, we walked the dogs and as we were walking I just knew I wasn’t feeling good. About the time the girls were to arrive, I realized that I had food poisoning and it was not going to be good. Luckily, the women I hook with are GOOD friends and they cut the buffalo pizza, served themselves and hooked while I laid on the couch and listened to their chatter.  It was soothing to have the chatter of women in the background when you’re not feeling too hot.

Having true friends is a good thing.

Still not feeling 100%, but definitely on the mend.


  1. Oh Tammy! I hope you feel better soon! What gorgeous blooms!

  2. I love that arrangement, Tammy! We drove by the Moxie last night and the rugs looked great with lights on them! Will try and catch a movie there today!

  3. Tammy...hope you feel better soon...not fun, for sure.

  4. Your hubby is so sweet.Hope you feel better son.