Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Last night I went “hooking” at Renee’s house.  Renee and I have worked together for years and she was my first hooking student.  We still work together and she sells hand-dyed wool at Skip To My Ewe, the eBay store we started together several years ago. 

We had delicious baked potato soup, wine and cupcakes……ahhhh, to sit around and hook and chat with such good friends.  We talked about hooking, life, the Olympics, “The Bachelor” (can you believe Vienna is still in the running…..oy vay!)

Anyway, here are some of the rugs we were working on last night.

Renee’s rug …..she completed this at the Eureka Springs hooking retreat last month…..I just love the wonky church!  The pattern is from Nola.

Sandy was working on her footstool pattern that she started at Rugs on the Rocks with Kim Nixon…..she ALMOST has the hooking done! Go Sandy Go!

Kelly, the fastest hooker I know, had started another new rug…..this time she is working on a geometric for her new lake house.

I’m still hooking away on the 2nd garden rug….last night I worked a bit on the sunshiny background.

I also worked on more 3-D leaves for the flower above.  I’ve had several people ask how I make these……first you crochet some of your wool strips…..just a simple chain stitch done with your hook.

Then attach them to your hooking….I leave a long tail on the end that attaches up by the bud of the flower that can be hooked over.

This one still has a few loose tails that will be hooked over by background wool.

Then on the other end I stitch those to my hooking, on one leaf I stitched it down in the middle.

….and it ends up looking like this…..

I hope to share more alternative hooking techniques as I progress on this set of rugs.


  1. Those rugs are all looking fantastic! Thanks for the tutorial on the chain leaves. I really like the way they look! Now if I could just crochet a simple chain I might be in business! lol Thanks for the link to NOLA too. I have seen some of her designs some where? I love her style! Great post Tammy! Cathy G

  2. Thanks for the wonderful photos, Tammy. Wish I could have been there. I'm hoping for Summer group hooking!! LOL Everyone's been so busy. And your tutorial is great. Love those chained leaves. They add such dimension. Miss everyone! Tell them hi for me!
    xo, Sheri

  3. Such beautiful rugs! I like that wonky church too! Love the 3D technique of the leaves you're trying! Very innovative and fun! :-)

  4. Love, Love, Love all the pictures of the rugs--a lot of talent in that room! Hooking with friends is the best! Good food, good hooking of course, and flowing conversation: from solving the world's problems to sharing each others hopes and dreams....Good Times!
    Tammy, Love your blog--YOU ROCK !!
    Jeanne L.