Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playing around

I’ve been playing around a little bit with my blog….trying to use a new format where I can share bigger pictures with you….then you can see more detail without having to click on each picture to make it bigger.
I’ve also made the font bigger and bolder for easier reading against the background that is pretty, but a little busy.
Bigger font you say?
Yes, I just went to the eye doctor last week, and while I don’t have to have prescription glasses, I do need to upgrade to stronger readers…..will do that today.
Yesterday, the weather was beautiful… beautiful I mean it got up to around 50 degrees….warm enough to eat lunch out on the back deck.
Here are a few garden pictures.
I love the chartreuse colors against the olive colors in these evergreens….I saw this color scheme in a magazine a while back…they called it “absinthe and olive”.

A wonderful mossy rock….I’m using an olive boucle wool in the garden rug I’m working on right now….it reminds me of this moss.

Here are some of the pictures that I really love….these ivy vines on a tree….what a great design….I see this as a large rug, but with the vines running the other way…..Here are a few pictures I’ve played with.

I love this next picture……I can’t believe I was able to capture this without it being blurry.

Finding beauty in the “everyday”.

This is another idea for a runner.

I’m not sure what these are called….they grow on the side of one of our trees….I guess they are some sort of fungus or lichen.

Emerging daffodils…..such promise!

The only thing flowering in the yard…..these sweet snowdrops.

So what do you think of the new format and the bigger it, hate it? Let me know.
P.S. Thanks Jacque for chiming in on the background....I think you're WAS too busy, now it's very calm.....too boring?


  1. Hey Tammy. Great idea! {grin} It's easier to read, I think, when there is a wider space for text. Love the larger photos, too. The background you have here is a bit too distracting for me.

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  3. Gorgeous pics, Tammy! I love how your mind works...transforming them into rug ideas!

  4. Yup, this is better. Love your photos, as always.

  5. A whole lot easier to read... especially like the bolder and larger font. Beautiful pics promising Spring and new rugs! Yay!

  6. When you take such gorgeous photos as you do Tammy you need a subtle design in your background. I like the focus to be on your photos. I like the size of your photos. I have a question for you.... When a post gets kind of wordy(as mine tend to do alot) should we use a smaller photo? People can still click on them if they want to see better detail. Do people actually click on the photos? I wonder if some people know they can? I think it only works if you upload your photos using the photo icon when creating a new post. I sometimes copy and paste my photos from a host like Photobucket or Flikr to get them to post larger. Man, somebody needs to write a book on how to do all this stuff!! Cathy G

  7. I just love visiting and seeing what you are up to ~ your blog never fails to inspire me! Blessings!

  8. Looking Good Tammy!

    I am inspired.
    When I first started out as a blogger your blog inspired me very much, and still continues to do so!!!

    I have such envy with those lovely green things sprouting in your garden. The snow drops are so cheery. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Tammy ~
    Thank you for sharing your photos ~ they are beautiful. I do like the bigger font and pictures.
    I wonder if my snowdrops are coming up ~ when all this dang snow melts I'll find out {{and we have not gotten nearly as much as the rest of the country}}.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. I love it. Did you know you can now put up static pages on blogger? Click pages when you are in edit mode.

  11. I love the new larger font and photos. I Hate getting old! I have a feeling we're all in this together with the reading glasses.
    And yes, Cathy G, I do click on pictures to see the detail!
    Tammy, I'm bringing my "digger" for some of those snowdrops! Don't have any of those!!!
    xo, Sheri

  12. Hi Tammy,
    I just love your blog site. It is so inspiring!! I actually liked your background before as well as now. The old seemed festive and fun. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  13. Tammy, I really like the changes to your blog....much easier to read for us "older folks!"

    I hope to see you at Lenexa in a few days. I've been down for almost a week with a huge cold but am trying hard to get well enough to go.