Saturday, April 30, 2011


I know we are all used to looking at rugs “straight on” like this……

….but I went outside this morning and tried a few shots from different perspectives…..

Your perspective on everything colors your life… the picture above I see the rug and how much I have left to hook and I also see all the new growth of the hostas and other plants……

if I showed this to my husband he would see areas in the hosta bed that he needs to weed.

That’s what I mean about perspective….

we can all look out the same door on the same day and see something totally different. 

We can all look look at a rug pattern and see totally different outcomes and possibilities.

I got down on the ground……

in this close-up shot above I can better see how much progress I made yesterday on hooking my background at the hook-in yesterday,

rather than how much I still have to hook.


In the shot below I see a beautiful day unfolding ahead of me….

glad I got up fairly early and took my rug outside to take some “artful” photos,

thinking of what I can enjoy and accomplish today.

I like these shots where I feel like my rug echoes so many of the colors that are in the back yard. 

I’m trying to use up a lot of my stash of recycled and as-is browns and grays in this rug….

I now see the grays echoed in the weathered fence and the statuary.


In the picture above, I also see our tree in the corner behind the jug fountain….the one that the little birdhouse is hanging on

and think of how sad Kenny is that this beautiful tree has started dying and how sad he is that he is either going to have to top it off or have it removed….

can you see how the top of it has died?

There is a ring of holes from woodpeckers….

not sure if the woodpeckers killed it from there up or if what they were pecking for was the problem….

regardless it’s sad, because it had such a beautiful shape to it.


Would you have noticed that if I hadn’t pointed it out?

Probably not…..

see how easily it is to let someone else change your perspective from seeing something beautiful to seeing something sad?

You really have to guard yourself against that every single day…..

…choose to look for beauty…



The border color on this rug is echoed in the leaves of the tree below….

I thought the greens I dyed were going to be “too bright”, but I see them echoed in the pictures as well.

What perspective will you choose today?


  1. Your rug looks just like your backyard. The greens are perfect! Maybe you also need to paint a floor cloth with the same colors to use outside!

  2. Tammy, I LOVE TODAY'S POST and the great lesson you pointed out. You are a wise hooker. Thanks for showing us that gorgeous rug in the garden. Beauty everywhere... JB

  3. Tammy we do have Craiglist here in Canada and also Kijji and I think that I would go with Kijji first and then the auctioneer. Lots of my friends sell on Kijji. Thanks, JB

  4. Tammy,
    What a GREAT post! Your photo work is tremendous and I love love love your rug! I like your perspective on all things beautiful which you have a lot of going on in your back yard!
    ( BTW I didn't see any weeds!)
    Will be anxiously following along on the rug progress....... and wiping the drool from my keyboard!
    Cathy G

  5. Goodness girl what a great post.
    Your rug and your garden are just wonderful together. You are great at photographing them also.
    Hope to see you back at the Saltbox again soon.

  6. Tammy you really got alot done yesterday! So sorry I couldn't make it this time. Your photos are so beautiful and calming.
    Tell Kenny I planted the stuff he gave me today.

  7. Oh, I am lovin this rug! Yes, it has a real "organic" feel to it--can't wait to the finished rug!

  8. Tammy ~ your colors are fabulous! Love those bright greens ~ they add so much ~ photos are great ~ gardens are great!! Rejoice in all the beauty around you!

  9. Great post! Love all the pictures. The gardens look terrific!

  10. this rug is really pretty!