Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maybe just a “little” hooking going on

Last night a few of the girls came over to rug hook and have dinner.  I got a few pictures, but not a lot.  Now that I go back and look at the pictures……we are pre-hooking…….do you know what that is…..looking at books, chatting it up, having a cocktail…… “Skinny Girl Margaritas” that Sheri brought…..we had to sass them up with a little Grand Marnier….



Renee has been working on a rug for a for gentleman who’s wife (a rug hooker) passed away….it was a rug she (Barb Melton) started, but unfortunately, never had a chance to finish.

Sheri is working on hooking a purse…’s darling and I can’t wait for her to finish it, so she can show it to you on her blog.

Sandy is working on a rug for her grand-daughter, Aspen…….I actually got a few pictures of it to share with you.

The leaves are prodded and the eyes are going to have these cute little fabric covered brads in the middle…..

I love all the texture in the trunk of her tree….


…..and this is what happens ANY time you put a rug down on the floor…….Lonnie wants to get on it!  Caught him in the act of making his way over to put his head down on it!


  1. That dog knows a good thing when he sees it! That owl rug is way cool! I've got to try proddy! Looks like a fun evening!

  2. Looks like you girls had a great time.

  3. Great fun! Like the sound of that skinny girl margarita!

  4. Pre-hooking sounds wonderful! Sandy's owl rug is gorgeous! Love all the textures and the border is fabulous!
    Can't wait to see Sheri's purse and next project!
    Cathy G

  5. I love that big owl rug. It looks like a very wide cut. I love the prodded leaves. I would have love to see even a sneak preview of Sheri's purse. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    and Loonie is a smart boy. He knows what he likes. JB.

  6. Thanks for sharing - and that pre-hooking - hmmmm that is usually what happens for hours and hours at Grant St - LOL - work does get done...sometimes! Looks like a fun group

  7. Hooking - pre-hooking - skinny girl margeritas - it doesn't get better than that!!

    Each and every one of us is envious of evening.

    And Aspen (great name) will cherish her rug forever. It's amazing.

  8. The Aspen rug is great ~ love the proddy leaves, pink owl ~ all of it!! You girls know how to have a good time ~ hooking and cocktails ~ perfect!

  9. Love that precious pink owl. How very COOL is that?????
    Am waiting for Kenny's book to come out.
    "Kenny Kooks"......................LOL.
    How were the rellenos???????