Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Has it really been a week since I blogged?

Yup, I guess it has.

Well, I’ve been hooking a little bit…..hooked a few more tree rings and also set in the border of my rug…….tried…..


and tried…..

and tried….


to get a picture of the rug in progress, but the dogs just kept following me and hanging out on the rug….they like to do that!

I even got up on a chair to get a “bird’s eye” view…….but they still wouldn’t get off the rug!

Oh well, you get the point……

I really need to get going on putting in some of my background color as I hook this rug so I won’t end up with JUST background left to hook.

I pulled out the dye pots the other night…..I haven’t dyed wool in about a year….can you believe that?!

I’m REALLY trying to use up a lot of my “on hand” wool for this project, my “stash busting” project….so I gathered up some yardage, as well as bits and pieces of greens and yellows to overdye.

Here are pictures of the swatches I bought in Florida, and some potential ProChem colors that I used to overdye with…..

So how did my wool turn out…..well, some was a little brighter and some was a little more drab than my swatches, but that’s okay….I’m going to use the brighter wool and add a little more of a “leaf green” dye over the drab pieces and see what happens….I’m trying not to stress about this rug…..I mean, it’s going in the utility room for goodness sake, but I still want it to look good…..I’ll share pictures of what I dyed later with you.

“Go forth and be creative”



  1. So glad to see you posting. I was beginning to worry!!!! Your babies are positively THE CUTEST!!!!! Gotta love those doggies!!!!!!
    Tammy, this rug is going to be so wonderful.................I can't wait to see a corner of it hooked, background and all.
    Could-ja hook faster??????? Tell Kenny - "NO COOKING - JUST HOOKING" LOL!

  2. Ter'e, Just "life" getting in the has rained and stormed here for days on end....many "semi" sleepless nights with restless dogs who have been living on doggie xanax and no walks. Throw in cooking for a birthday AND Easter and I've been whipped :) We had sun yesterday, so dogs are getting walked, I'm back to the gym and even got wool dyed...going to an "open hooking" day on Friday, so I hope to have more hooked to share soon!

  3. Hey Tammy...your dogs are so funny (and cute). Really, an entire year since you last dyed wool? WOW! Of course, it has been longer than that for me...but then, I'm not doing any hooking. Looking forward to seeing more as you progress...that is one very awesome (and large) rug!

  4. Oh my! The rug is already gorgeous so no doubt it is gonna be spectacular when complete. I love Cleo and Lonnie! So sweet! They thought you rolled out the carpet so they could strike a pose. HA! Have a great day. Tammy

  5. Tammy,even though the dogs covered most of the rug in progress, I still could see that it's going to be a fantastic rug.

    We are on flood watch again for the weekend here and we've had lots of rain too. I need the sun too to reenergize my batteries. JB