Friday, April 15, 2011

Ahhhh, hooking

I got off work today and was greeted with cold, rainy weather……NOT what you generally want to see to start your weekend……however, when you are a hooker it gives you a good excuse to just hook the night away!
So lucky that Kenny is a great cook…..he made some divine pizzas…..
2 buffalo chili pizzas on cornmeal crust….his specialty that I love!

A vegetarian pizza,

a cheese pizza, and a pepperoni deluxe…..YUM!

After supper I sat at the dining room table and started hooking….started with coffee (with a little Bailey’s) and ended with wine and a pile of wool scraps and odds and ends…..and the iPhone so I could text and hook and keep up with e-mail…..YIKES! That iPhone is going to be the downfall of me!
Here are a few pics of my progress… the big picture it doesn’t look like I accomplished much….

Does this close-up look any more impressive?

I must say I’m enjoying this rug….using up lots of my gray and brown stash for the tree rings……love seeing those wool piles getting smaller and smaller! Plus, I enjoy moving around the rug….trying to spread out my colors so that when I start to run out of something, hopefully it won’t be apparent as to WHERE I ran out!
As promised….gratuitous pics of my darling Cleopatra…..what a sweet girl!


  1. My Beagle, Tucker. would love her and her laid back style.

  2. You rug is looking great - isn't it nice to use up those "pieces". Rewarding!

    Sounds like a nice relaxing night with good food, drink and comfort!

  3. Love your rug so far. Hope you get more opportunities to sit and hook so we can see more!
    Today is that kind of day. Wet, dreary and windy. Good day to snuggle under a rug and get something done.
    Your dogs are so adorable :)

  4. That's HOW MANY pieces of pizza between the two of you????? Where is that Kenny's cookbook??????? I want chili pizza!!!!!! What is it? Buffalo Chili Chicken Pizza???? What??????? Just the cheese pizza made me want to hop a plane and come up.......and I don't even like Cheese Pizza.
    Love the rug. Now that I "get it".......I just love it. Love seeing the tiny bits of purple, from the falling it all makes sense.
    OK, OK, OK........I am blonde.......too..........kinda.......xoxoxoxox

  5. Love those pictures of Cleopatra, she looks good in any profile. She looks so secure in herself. I admire that in a queen dog.

    My, Tammy, that rug is huge, It's looking good already and you have barely started. Keep on hooking so we can see more. Have a great weekend and thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. JB

  6. I forgot to mention that the pizzas are very tempting, I kind of got side tract by Cleopatra. JB

  7. Tammy,

    You seem to have a thing for long rugs. Love what you have done so far, although they aren't my colors.

    Cleopatra looks great on the sofa. Owning a hamster-legged Corgi who would love to get up on the sofa, do you have a set of stairs or can you pick her up? Dottie weighs 34 lbs. and is too heavy for me.

    Love your blog and Kenny's garden.


  8. Do you have the recipe cornmeal crust?

  9. Vicki,
    I don't have a recipe for the cornmeal crust. We get them at Mama Jean's here in Springfield....the brand is Vicolo