Monday, April 11, 2011

Working through the list

Sunday I worked on another one of my “tolerances”…..those things that are driving you crazy, but you just seem to tolerate.  Our front storm door has paint chipped off the bottom of it, so Sunday I scraped off the chippy paint and then gave it a fresh coat.  Here is the “in progress” picture.  I read quite a bit about Feng Shui and the entrance to your home should be cared for and welcoming….inviting good things into your life.  I’m all about THAT!

Once the paint is dry, I’ll take a “finished” picture.  I know, it’s not all that exciting, but it’s exciting to me to mark it off my list!  Next is shopping for a new front door and repainting the porch….it’s become chippy too! (if you’ve followed me on my blog for any length of time, you know I love to paint)

I know this doesn’t look like much, but I did get more hooked on my “Redbud Runner” at the hook-in…..I worked on hooking pods…I like that the rug is large and I’m liking meandering from place to place on the rug…..I’m doing this in case I run out of colors, I can work in different colors in different spots and you won’t be able to tell where I ran out. I’m wiley like that!

We have a forest pansy redbud in our side yard and I’ve never seen the pods on it (those are redbud pods in my rug design…not pea pods)……I did see pods on a redbud today and they are not green….they are brown….mine are staying green….. “artistic license”…is what I’m calling it!

I tried to get good pictures of our redbud flowers today, but I just can’t seem to capture the color quite right…..I’ll try again tomorrow…..this was taken with my iPhone….maybe I’ll try with my camera next time……

A lot of the petals have found their way to the ground….

I love the petals against the mossy green…..this is kind of the color palette of my rug…..

grays, browns, purples, greens……

The hostas are up and the ajuga is blooming…..

It’s so nice to walk outside in your bare feet…..I’m generally a “socks” kind of person, but the winter has seemed long this year….bare feet in the grass feels so good.

More pics of Lonnie….I swear, this dog will let you do anything to him! He is not thrilled….I’m trying to take sheets and quilts off the bed for laundry day…this upsets him, because he likes to lie on the bed and look at the windows for squirrels…..he was NOT budging!

I promise to have pics of Cleopatra in my next post.


  1. Love the pods on the runner! Boy, that's a big rug. Doggie is the cutest!

  2. Hi Tammy, I found your blog through Ragamuffin Gal who recently came to visit me.

    The rugs you are hooking are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! I can't even imagine the time and dedication that takes.

    Your pups are so cute. One of my best friends has always had Bassets so I know what they are like. They definitely have very strong and stubborn personalities. HA!

    Wishing you all the best for the rest of the week. :) Tammy

  3. Lonnie is just the cutest little guy. You just want to "eat him up". Slobber and all.

    I am laughing at myself over your new rug. I had already decided this was peapods and beets!!!!! I didn't know where the "Name" came from.......I figured you'd show us. I wondered why you were putting peapods and beets in your laundry room - but hey - it's your laundry room! I simply love the rug and know it will be a STUNNER, as all of your rugs are.

    Being simple minded, I'm gonna pretend it's still peapods and beets........

    BTW, have you thought about painting your door red???? Warren Buffet has a fabulous red paint named for him......"Millionaire Red". (Benjamin Moore) We used it on our front door. A believer in Feng Shui, I have the red door - my moneytrees are growing in absolute leaps and bounds - I am waiting for David's job to magically appear. Hey - ya gotta believe. xoxoxoxoxo LYPG! (Love ya pretty girl)

  4. Tammy, I could use your help around here to get some scraping and painting done. There is so much that needs to be done around here.

    I thought that your new rug in progress had pea pods too.I know that it will be a nice rug like the rest of your rugs,

    I can't blame Loonie for not wanting to give up his warm blanket. He looks so comfy there on the bed. JB

  5. it will be really nice!!!!

  6. You have inspired me to "get on with" those little things that are driving me crazy. Painting the inside of our exterior metal doors - you'd think I could at least pick a colour! Sand and re-stain the screened-in porch where the contractor scraped power tools across it - and stain and paint the studio. Yikes - I've scared myself again!!!!

  7. Oh I love your wonderful dog...I miss our Langston so much. He was in love with our son's water bed and hated it when I would drag him out on a rainy day. Such a low moanie groan he would emit.

    The rug is grand and since I am some what of a redbud freak I understood the pods!!!

  8. My Mom just repainted the door of the house I grew up in, a bright RED!! I think it looks great.

    I was looking at houses and went into one and the agent suggested I would want to repaint the front door. She was surprised when i said no, the purple looked good.

    The color of a door can really set your house off. I watch a lot of "Curb Appeal, The Bloc" on HGTV, can you tell?