Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get your own

I did get my two junk drawers cleaned out, lined them with some pretty red Ralph Lauren wallpaper and then sat down to look at Karen Kahle’s new catalog.


But the best part is, you can get your own. Just cut and paste this link into your browser and you can download it to your desktop OR you can print it out for yourself. You might even just be able to click on the link and it might even do it for you….not sure, give it a try.

Karen also has an etsy shop where she sells some of her rug hooking supplies as well as some of her finished products…..yes, this is a plug for her….anyone who dares to share like this deserves a little plug! Click on the picture below to go to her etsy store.

See all those little houses on her banner? Well, we’ve (Kenny and I) got something in the works here on Valleyroad……

…..all I can say is “Expect Good Things”…..borrowed that saying from Brenda Beerhorst at Kinship in Color and Wool.  She has a delightful blog and a fabulously creative family. Please visit her blog by clicking on her banner below.

Getting ready to head to St. Louis, so I’ll have something FRESH to blog about when I get back, or I may even blog from the road….I have a little blogging app for my iPhone, the pictures post fairly small, but hey, it’s a way to keep in touch with all of you.


  1. Tammy, thanks for the KK catalog. I love looking at her unique rugs. Saw a few that, if I wasn't so busy with other stuff, MIGHT be tempted to try. {sigh}. Can't wait to hear what you and Kenny are up to.

  2. Thanks for posting my banner blog and link! I ordered Karen's catalog too-- can't wait to see the paper version... Have fun in St. Louis!

  3. Thanks for posting Karen's ETSY shoppe! I ordered the oddest piece of purpley/orange sky from her. It looks like the magical piece I have been needed to finish my San Francisco Memoir Rug!

    Can't wait to see what you and Mr. Darling Kenny are up to. I know it's something GOOD!

    Great post, BTW. Lots for us to play with.