Sunday, October 31, 2010

I’ve got my eye on these

I think the changing of the seasons makes me want new clothes….here are a few I have my eye on.

(Cascades Tweed Skirt from Territory Ahead $139)

This skirt (above) got rave reviews from customers….makes me want it even more!

(Herringbone Check Skirt from LL Bean Signature $179)

I saw this in their catalog and loved the look, but it’s one of those that makes you go “is this TOO much?”, yes I’m talking the style and the price…..then I saw Mandy Moore wearing it in a magazine and I’m like “LOVE”! See her in it HERE .  Of course then while I’m on Oprah’s site I see this adorable picture… HERE! More love! I’m talking the basset hound….okay, and the boots!

I also love the look of these ruffled fingerless gloves… the color too!

(Fingerless Ruffle Gloves from Banana Republic, $29)

What’s on your “want list”?


  1. Tammy, I tried to open the first link but it says that there was an error in trying to display the page. I could open the second one without problem.

    Both skirts looks very stylish but I think that you probably could sew that yourself for a fraction of the cost. The first one reminds me of a cape wore around the waist and the hem has been trimmed to the same length. The basset hound goes well with any boots or skirts for that matter.

    I can't believe that I just saw a few snow flakes outside as I was driving home a few minutes ago. I'm afraid that it's so cold today that I would need full length fingers on the gloves. Happy Halloween. JB

  2. Tammy,
    Sorry, got to go with the Corgi (photo 2) and am glad I still own my Ariat zip-up paddock boots from riding. I sold all my other tall boots but still have a wonderfully warm pair of lace-up boots designed for winter wearing at the barn. Ariat makes some of the best boots available and boy do they hold up!

    Also have plenty of gloves left from then. When I need new thermals, I find some wonderful silk ones in my catalogs. Much better quality and price than anywhere else!


  3. I also saw the bean one in the catalog and thought the same as you. My list as 2 things that I've already purchased: New cool boots, and a cute pair of clogs. Oh, did I mention a new car?