Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pics from Ozark Craft Show

Blogless Sandy and I headed out to the Ozark Craft show on Saturday morning… was a beautiful day….crisp, clear and sunny……long sleeves required, but we were able to get away with NOT wearing jackets, even though we brought them with us, we left them in the car.

Here are some photos from Ebay Renee and blogless Kelly’s  booth….beautiful!




Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



  1. Tammy ~
    Great rugs :)
    Blogless Sandy, ebay Renee, blogless Kelly ~ LOVE IT!
    Hugs :)

  2. Tammy, maybe you can convince your blogless friends how much fun blogging can be but then you wouldn't be able to call them blogless anymore.

    Nice rugs , but I fell in love with the prancing reindeer rug. JB

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  4. Sorry Tammy , I was having technical difficulty and resent the message twice as it looked like it was not responding. JB

  5. Oh... love the new fall look of your blog! Also Renee and Kelly's boot looks charming... Thanks for checking in... also... I'm quite taken with the photo of little Trinity. Hmmm.....

  6. Jimmie Dean and I went to the fall festival late Friday afternoon. I think we missed the huge crouds that usually are on Saturday.
    Wasn't their booth awesome? I loved the hooked bags with the linen/burlap showing. Great for trick-or-treating. And my favorite rug is Renee's with the reindeer! I think they had a great booth this always.
    I also saw blogless Janette!?! manning her friends booth. (I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a blog!)
    Hope to see all of you tomorrow night at the library. I'll bring your rugs with me (from the Creamery show)