Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another great read and a new home

A big thanks to Ter’e for recommending this book:

I’m nearing the end and I’ve really enjoyed reading it…..another one of those books where you can just lose yourself in the story.

Here’s an excerpt from the book…..this is how it starts out and isn’t it the truth?! (You can buy it from Amazon super cheap…it’s on my sidebar, or do like I do, and request it from your local library, a thrifty girl’s best friend.) That way you have more money left for wool and clothes!

I am ninety. Or ninety-three. One or the other.

When you're five, you know your age down to the month. Even in your twenties you know how old you are. I'm twenty-three, you say, or maybe twenty-seven. But then in your thirties something strange starts to happen. It's a mere hiccup at first, an instant of hesitation. How old are you? Oh, I'm—you start confidently, but then you stop. You were going to say thirty-three, but you're not. You're thirty-five. And then you're bothered, because you wonder if this is the beginning of the end. It is, of course, but it's decades before you admit it.

You start to forget words: they're on the tip of your tongue, but instead of eventually dislodging, they stay there. You go upstairs to fetch something, and by the time you get there you can't remember what it was you were after. You call your child by the names of all your other children and finally the dog before you get to his. Sometimes you forget what day it is. And finally you forget the year.

Actually, it's not so much that I've forgotten. It's more like I've stopped keeping track. We're past the millennium, that much I know—such a fuss and bother over nothing, all those young folks clucking with worry and buying canned food because somebody was too lazy to leave space for four digits instead of two—but that could have been last month or three years ago. And besides, what does it really matter? What's the difference between three weeks or three years or even three decades of mushy peas, tapioca, and Depends undergarments?

I am ninety. Or ninety-three. One or the other.

My other bit of happy news……Jessie found a home! YAY!


  1. Tammy, I'm so glad that you help find a home for Jessie, That dog almost looks human. When I look in his eyes, he looks so intelligent.

    I'm thrifty like you and get a lots of books at Value village that I get to keep for very little but still can't fine time to read like I used to.. JB

  2. May Jessie be happy in his new forever home! Such a sweet face that boy has!
    Cathy g

  3. Great that Jessie has a new home! Woohoo!

    I have that book on my shelf to read - heard great things about it - found it at a yard sale for $1 this summer! Heard they are making a movie of it too

  4. Tammy! Have you read Racing in the Rain? The story is told from the Dogs perspective....

  5. Woo hoo for Jessie :)
    May he (she?) be forever happy in his (her) new home.

  6. Look at that Baby Face..............what a love. So happy he (she) found a forever home!!!! One down ---- one more to rescue!

    So happy you have been enjoying WFE!!!! Isn't it a great book. I had my moments when I just had to stop and have a good cry.....but so enjoyed the book and CANNOT WAIT to see the movie! Sure made me take on a whole new perspective of my Father-in-law living in an assisted living home. GOOD READ! What's next Tammy?

  7. Mindy,
    Yes, I've read "Racing in the Rain"....loved it and cried.

    I'm not sure what book I'll be reading next....I'm sure I'll get more great suggestions. I started reading "The American Painter Emma Dial" and have set it aside while I finished WFE...perhaps I'll pick it back up when I'm finished.

    Everyone else, Thanks for all the nice words for Jessie!