Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Hour


We went to the park last night and it must have been “squirrel happy hour”……there were squirrels EVERYWHERE!  It’s funny how 30 minutes can make such a huge difference… can go at 4 or 4:30 and there are just a few, but if you go around 5 they are everywhere.

The squirrels last night were totally kamikaze……usually when Lonnie chases them, they will scamper up the closest tree, but much to my chagrin last night they would run past 3 or 4 trees before they would pick one to run up.  OR….there was one crazy squirrel who would act like it was going to go up one tree and then change it’s mind and go 90 degrees the other way and pick another tree.

I told Kenny that Lonnie must not have smelled any “sweat” on me last night when I got home and knew I had skipped my work-out so he knew he could run me extra hard…..and he DID!  We finally ended up under this tree and I sat down because I just couldn’t go any further…..about 15 minutes later Kenny and Cleopatra showed up from their STROLL in the park and Kenny got this pic of us on his iPhone.

Hope you’re having a great week,



  1. How funny! I think the squirrels are confused this time of year, lol!

  2. Tammy ~
    Great pic of you and the furbabies. You are so right ~ at this time of year, 30 minutes can be a huge difference ~ especially temperature-wise.
    Squirrels sure love to torment the dogs, don't they?
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Great picture of you and your babies under a huge tree.

    What kind of squirrels is there in the park? Here we have the huge gray squirrels and in Ontario they have black squirrels. JB

  4. Julia, Our squirrels here are gray squirrels, but not far from me, in Marionville, Missouri, they have white squirrels. I have seen black squirrels in Colorado when I was a kid.

  5. Hi Tammy, I knew about the gray and the black squirrels but I didn't know about the white ones.
    Thanks for your answer. JB