Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally……hooking…..or not

Last night, I headed out to the country to hook at eBay Renee’s.  Okay, we usually hook some, but last night I don’t think any of us pulled a loop.

Blogless Sandy was looking through Renee’s ProChem dye swatch book looking for some perfect sky colors to dye……


She’s going to dye a sky for this darling pattern that she designed for her step-grand-daughter, Aspen. LOVING the pink owl!  She’s envisioning her with button eyes for a great hoot-owl look.

Yes, she just sat down and drew this right on the backing……needless to say, I’m impressed!

Renee had a rug that was finished and just needs to be bound….isn’t that tree the bomb?!  She spent her evening binding a rug for another hooker as well as packaging up a few things to ship to her eBay customers.


This is just a shot of an adorable box that she purchased from one of our local hookers, Judith Groff.

Here is a shot of some of Renee’s wonderful STASH!  You can find her wools on SKIP TO MY EWE on eBay.

As for me, well, I sucked the friendship well dry last night :)

Renee serged around my 2nd garden rug, steamed it with her super-duper-steamer and then the quilt binding I had purchased after work…..well, I got it out of the package and I had bought the wrong size…..just so happened she had the size I needed in the color I needed…..WAHOO….then she proceeded to sew the cording into it for me as well, AND I had to borrow one of her needles to start attaching it to the rug… that is what I call friendship!  Oh yeah, the pictures…..taken with Renee’s camera! That woman is a saint!

A great night, no hooking, but one of those nights where everyone is just simmering.  That’s what I like to call it…..working on other little parts of the hooking process….letting those new ideas simmer until they are just right….I’m guessing that the next time we get together the wool will be flying and the loops will being pulled fast and furious.


  1. Sounds like a great night with friends!
    Thanks for your wonderful comments about my Mom yesterday too!

  2. Renee sounds like a wonderful friends, indeed!!! The little pink owl rug is darling ~ Sandy is really talented!! A fun night was had by all ~ the wine glasses are a dead giveaway!!

  3. Tammy ~
    Hooking (or lack of), friendship and wine. What more could a girl ask for?
    I love the bird on the box!
    I lust after Renee's wool stash! I've bought wool in the past when you were still Skip to My Ewe and it is wonderful wool!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Thanks for taking us with you on your fun night of hooking possibilities at Renee through your blog.
    My, I'm impressed with her designing abilities. That owl rug is going to be some nice.

    You are very fortunate to have all those hooking friends. I feel a bit of envy. JB

  5. What a wonderful time and I totally Love your expression about "sucking the friendship well dry", cuz haven't we all done that at one time - or been the on the giving end. It's the best part of our society, I think. Nobody ever questions it.

    And that tree is the bomb! As was just about everything else you shared.

  6. I started little-girl-giggling when I saw the wine glasses. I thought "uh-oh....the girls are having too much fun". Teehee. What a great much talent in that room. The pink owlie is just da bomb!!!!!
    You girls are so lucky to have one Julia......I am a tad bit pea green. :-)
    Keep Rockin!!!!!!!

  7. Tammy, I am also a bit envious of your wonderful connection with your woolie friends! What a special night! What talent...the wonderful pink owl, Renee's project with that awesome tree, and I loved Judith's box!! Renee has always been so giving and I'm sure it is mutual. And isn't that a part of what friendship is--a little give and take. Thank you for all the photos. You all are very lucky to have each other! Jeanne