Saturday, October 30, 2010

What IS that sound?

What IS that sound? 

Sounds like a monkey!

No, it’s a bird…..someone was out mowing their yard when we were walking the dogs yesterday and we kept hearing this screeching sound…..I swear it sounded like a monkey……it was this bird!

Yes, it was just walking around the top of the fence……luckily Kenny had his iPhone with him and was able to get a few pictures…

Would you just let your bird walk around outside while you were mowing your yard? We thought it was a little odd, but definitely entertaining!

The dogs were just confused and curious……

It was nice out, but just chilly enough to need a coat when you walked in the shady spots…..fall is definitely here!


  1. The owner must feel very secure about letting his Cockatoo on the loose. I can't imagine a responsible owner giving this kind of freedom to their tropical birds when the weather gets so cold. Thanks for sharing.. Happy halloween. JB

  2. Oh Tammy:
    This is so very sad. Do you know if the bird belonged to your neighbor? First off, the bird should not be out wandering. YOU have HAWKS in Missouri. A hawk could snatch the head off quickly. I've heard it happen. Secondly, it is way too cold for this cockatoo to be outside. It's obviously below 70 degrees!!!!
    I am a bird owner - and I would have gone and gotten this guy and taken him in the house.
    This so called (I don't want to wash my mouth with soap) bird owner is totally irresponsible. Someone should turn him in! Bless that little guys heart. GRRRRRRRRR

  3. Tammy ~
    What cool pictures. I'm so glad Kenny had his iPhone.
    Happy Halloween :)

  4. Wonderful photo but I so hope that Cockatiel gets back home. Or is that a Cockatoo? I get them confused but they are definitely more suited for my climate outside than yours.