Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long lamp story

Only the best eyes would pick up the lamp against the wall…….Ter’e (one of my readers) did just that.

Ter’e, the lamp has birds on it, but they are not crows.  I think they are sparrows or wrens.  A few years back we made a trip that started out as a trip where we were going on the “longest yard sale in America” ….well, that lasted about a day and a half.

Kenny asked if I had “had enough”……I said “yes”.  He said, “if I see one more fat old man, with no shirt, with a confederate flag, holding a lap dog, I’m going to puke”.

It was more like a dime-store sale…..gobs of vendors on the route, but the pickins were slim.

At the time, we had made it to Kentucky.  We saw a sign for a “Shaker Village”, so we visited that…..AWESOME

and then headed east through the beauty of the Smokey Mountains and then on to Asheville, NC where we visited the Biltmore Estate and then headed on to Charleston, SC and then on out to Isle of Palms, SC where we got to walk on the beach at sunrise and found all sorts of sand dollars and shells… was really beautiful.

On the way back home, we stayed in Asheville, NC again.  We really loved the town. It was there that we found the lamp in a lighting shop…..we both loved it, so we bought it, and it rode home in the back of my Subaru Forester.

So, essentially, it’s a reminder of a wonderful road trip.  Aren’t you glad you asked?


  1. We, too, have been to that lovely 'garage sale'!! I was at a hooking retreat at Shaker Village and husband came down to meet me at the end of the week! We did a portion of the sale trail and it wasn't long till we figured out this wasn't for us ~ it should be billed as a 'junk sale' ~ yikes! But your trip took you to some beautiful places ~ we trekked back to Ohio!! I love the lamp, by the way!

  2. I too LOVE that lamp! Your living room looks great so far! I like your style a lot!
    Cathy G

  3. Your lamp looks like one of a kind an very attractive. JB

  4. If you come home one night and that lamp has gone missing.......well, I'm just could be in my great room. It is totally awesome. I shall continue to pretend it has crows on it. During the holidays, you could dress these little guys up with witches hats, Easter bonnets, Santa hats, shamrocks......whatever your little heart wants. It was an incredible find.
    Tammy - you and Kenny have a great eye for things that are, both, timeless and trendy, all at the same time. Good job. The house is looking spectacular. for those dining room chairs..............haha..........