Monday, February 3, 2014

What the Heel have I been up to?!

I’m trying to get myself back in blogging mode and write a little

bit every day about what is going on here at the house.

I’ve been knitting a bit more on “the sock”…..


that I started HERE.

Last night I knitted the heel flap and today I sat down for probably

an hour and with written instructions, videos and a few words of

encouragement from Dulcy, was able to make the gusset of the heel.


This was a big accomplishment for me!


Kenny’s amaryllis is in full bloom….there have been several

over the holidays and this one is in full glory at the moment.

It certainly brightens up the kitchen!




Yesterday, Buzzbee came running through the house with a

basset hound beanie baby in his mouth….(my mom gave it to

Kenny for Christmas and it has been sitting up where “we thought”

the dogs couldn’t get to it). He was sooooo  happy, (he loves his babies)!

He proceeded to hop up on the bed and bury his new found treasure.




It is turning colder and, like most of the country, we are expecting

snow tomorrow.

Lonnie is watching for it….


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been selling off a bit more of my

rug hooking items from when I taught. I just listed a beautiful

hand-turned hook that is suitable for fine hooking. If you think

you might be interested take a look HERE.


I’m not over-ambitous, just trying to list one item per week

until all of my extras have found good homes.

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  1. Tammy...good for you getting the heel gusset! Told you that's what made me stop with the knitting of socks, didn't I? I have no doubt that were someone to sit with me, I could do it. However, on my own, I didn't get it. So, on to other knitting projects. I don't need socks, anyway...LOL Good for you for getting over that hump! LOVE the header photo!