Monday, February 24, 2014

Coming Together

Something that you may not know about me is that I typically don’t

watch the news.  I find it so hard to stay positive when there are so

many bad things going on in this world.

Last week, a little 10 year old girl, Hailey Owens, was abducted as she walked home

from her friend’s house….they found her hours later, shot to death.

She disappeared a few blocks from my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house.

She was found in the neighborhood where I owned my first house.

About a mile from where I live now.

Just a few blocks away from where one of my co-workers lives.

This tragedy has rocked my home town and they have turned out in

force to support this little girl’s family. People lined historic

Commercial Street to the tune of about 10,000 people.

Sometimes the bad news is too close to escape it……


  1. Such a horrible thing for a little girl to endure and cannot imagine but sick of the thought. Sorry it hits so close to home for you. Oh my but there's so much more I'd like to say but .....

    1. Saundra, I think if public lynching were still allowed, it would happen here. They even took his statement by video tape, I think if he sets foot in the public, something will happen to him.

  2. we watch the local news but rarely the national news. I too can not take all the bad news. That poor little child oh my heart aches so much for her. and now her parents. I do think if you are truly found guilty of hurting a child you die the same way they did.

  3. Tammy,
    So sorry to hear this horrible tragedy has taken place in your home town. Thoughts are with you and the family who suffers such great loss as well as those in your community. Evil persists but will not prevail.... at least one can hope!
    Cathy G

  4. Thank you all for your thoughts. I'm so proud of my city for coming together in such a peaceful way to honor this child.