Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Steamed fish


The fish rug is steamed and laying in the sunroom drying

and waiting for binding.



Just curious…..where do you rest your rugs while you are

waiting for them to dry after steaming?

We have hardwood floors throughout most of the house, so

that is not an option unless I want MORE water spots on my


We have slate in the kitchen and den, but there is way too much

dog traffic, so mine always end up on the sunroom floor.


  1. Mine rest on the carpeted area in my sewing room which doesn't get much traffic. I love hardwood floors, they are beautiful, but I'd find it lots of work to keep them clean.


  2. That's a great piece! So much work! I don't have that problem, but your sunroom looks very inviting with the sun popping thru!

  3. Tammy
    I DO NOT STEAM...I do nothing....after it is whipped I threw those rugs on my wood floors. After a few weeks they look just like they have been steamed...and I don't mean little rugs, big ones! We have 4 dogs, 4 young adult children who come and go. I'm also one that washes my rugs...in the washer...you can close your mouth now. I've been hooking since 1996, nothing has rotted yet, or fallen apart.