Saturday, February 1, 2014

They love me, they love me not….they love me

It all started on Facebook……

I saw this picture

on a group that I subscribe to called “Leigh’s Lost and Found”.

This is a group started by one of our local news reporters, Leigh Moody.

It helps reunite lost dogs and found dogs with their owners and if they

can’t be reunited, then hopefully, someone will rescue these dogs and make

them their own pets or get them into a rescue group and help them find

a forever home.

I posted the dog’s picture on my Facebook timeline, hoping someone would

claim her or decide to give her a home. I watched, I waited, it didn’t look

like anyone was coming forward.

After watching for a few days, I saw that she was picked up by Animal Control.


Unless her owners find her by looking here, I knew this wasn’t a good

thing.  A lot of times this is a dogs last stop before the Rainbow Bridge.

“This Act requires state-licensed dog pounds to hold a dog not less than (5) days including

(1) one full Saturday.  At any time the hold is complete, the dog can be rescued

from a state-licensed Rescue or euthanized.”

I felt compelled to do something, but what?

I just couldn’t adopt her….we have 2 dogs and our home is in a very

harmonious state right now.

Then I read the rest of the statement on the Animal Control website:

“Nixa Animal Control is not licensed to release dogs by adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please email For the Love of Paws K9 Rescue”


I think to myself, OK, this is worth a shot, this dog looks old and doesn’t look

like a good candidate for a rescue organization to dump money into, because her

chances of finding a forever home are more slim due to her age.


I contacted “For the Love of Paws K9 Rescue” and told them if they would pull this dog for

rescue I would sponsor the dog. I just couldn’t resist her soulful eyes and whitening


This journey started this past Monday……

I’m happy to say that last night I got an e-mail with pictures….


“Daisy” is now in foster care…


She has a brother named Roscoe, another senior basset,

and I hear they are getting along well.


She is enjoying luxuries like toys, and being an indoor dog.


I’ve been told she is transitioning well and has obviously been

an indoor dog in her past life. So happy to see this sweet, old

girl off the streets and being given a chance as someone’s forever




  1. Tammy,
    God love you for saving this girl by sponsoring her!!! This just melted my heart. I have a real soft spot in my heart for the seniors. It looks like she is settling in at her foster home. I hope they find her a furever home.
    Big hugs :)

  2. OK Tammy, You've made me cry at 8:00 a.m., but for a good reason. You have such a caring heart. I'm so happy to call you my best friend! Looks to me like "Daisy" might already be in her forever home!?! I couldn't foster dogs 'cause I would want to Keep them all! Bless you, friend. xo