Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good deals!

Yes, I’m clearing out more hooking stuff!

2 items a week!

I’ve tried to go on big binges and list gobs of

stuff on eBay all at once, but it just wears me out.

2 things a week is definitely more do-able for me!

This week I’ve got a hook made from Sculpey clay….

probably the funnest looking hook I’ve ever owned!!


Also parting with one of my little rugs…..

Click on the pictures to go to the auctions….they both have

low starting prices and I’ve tried to keep the shipping reasonable.

Not trying to get rich…just trying to pass on some good deals

to hookers and free up some new space for new projects.

Great Update!!!

Little Charlotte got adopted!!!

Off to find another sweetie to feature!


  1. Charlotte has a very unusual coat. So cute. Very happy to hear she has a furever home.
    Hugs :)

  2. Lauren, Catahoula's are always some of the prettiest dogs with some of the prettiest markings, in my opinion.