Friday, January 31, 2014


Currently, I have 3 projects in the works…..

  • a pair of knitted socks….still working on sock #1
  • a wool quilt
  • a hooked rug

Then, my friend Dulcy, gives me an extra copy of “Selvedge” magazine

and I quickly peruse an article on Mandy Pattullo as I’m sitting in my car

this morning before going in to work…..

Here are a few examples of her work….

I just love it….time worn, tattered, hand-stitched….her work

just oozes of love and time. Time spent doing something you

love…honoring the past, using bits and pieces of cast off textiles

to create something new and wonderful….


yum, Yum…..YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

Is that allowable? To want to just eat up and absorb this?!


  1. Hey Tammy! ohmygosh, I am in love with that work! I could never manage anything that delicious looking and I am envious! When I started knitting again, it was with the thought of making socks, but the heel gusset outdid me. Mental sure if I saw someone do it, I could. Well, and now that I've been knitting more and following pattern instructions, I could maybe do one. I have thought about making a wool quilt...goodness knows I have enough wool on hand!...just haven't gotten to it. YAY for you with your projects! Looking forward to seeing those finishes. Take care.

  2. Love the idea of this, was looking to do something with Granny's quilt's that came thru a house fire. Hope you don't mind my putting my spin on your technique. Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful work. I have planned to do some teddy bears for the grankids and will be able to hide the seared marks with the applique. Thanks again, Karen