Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking time

Where does the time go?

I still haven’t taken pictures of the completed slipcovers, but

that will come soon.

Spent part of the other evening taking pictures of the garden

and trying to get good photos of the baby wrens who are

about to leave their home…….

picture me standing on tiptoes, with my iPhone outreached and

on zoom trying to capture the little ones.

I tried standing on one of the lawn chairs, but that proved

too unsteady and the last thing I need this summer is a broken ankle.

It’s a good thing the days are longer, because there never seems to be

enough time…..


The wrens live in the little shabby chic white house

that hangs under the eave of our house…..

see it, in between the storm door and the shutter?


No luck on this shot…..


Here you can see two tiny little heads starting to

peak out…


There are 3 babies, but of course, the smallest

one is always in the back….





The babies really start to poke their heads out and

chirp so much more when they want more food….

they were getting pretty hungry towards the end of my

photo session! I tried to capture pictures of the parents

going in and out, but haven’t gotten any of those pictures….


So, yes, I guess that is where my time goes…..watching

the wren babies….they grow up so quickly Smile


  1. Bird watching is so fun, especially when it's nesting time. You got some great photos!

  2. I love watching my birdies too. And it is fun watching the fledglings land on the bird feeder and wobble with their inexperienced balancing act. And even tho at the feeder they still squawk for mom to feed them until they catch on how it works.

    Loved the post.


  3. What fun! I always love to watch the babies. I can't see any of my bird babies up here on the hill...but I have lots of birds.

  4. Love that bird house. We have a old dead tree in our yard that we have been collecting bird houses for. Just need to find the time to get them all out there.
    I love watching birds. None have taken home in the two houses we have out but they do come to the feeders. We also have three families of ducks this years and they are fun to watch.