Monday, June 25, 2012

Making Space

This past week I’ve gifted muslin, the left-over

fabric from my slipcovers, a rug hooking pattern,

a bag of wool selvedges,

and a Coach cellphone carrier that I no longer use.


I’ve also sold one of my larger rugs on eBay, at

what I thought was a great price, for the person who

purchased it.


In anticipation of a little road trip, I’ve cleaned out the

console of my car, yes, the console that would barely

shut… what was in there that was so darn

important? Let’s see….ornament hangers, about 20

pens and markers, receipts from 2010.  You know,

the stuff that just bogs us down and we don’t even

realize that it is happening (at least I don’t notice it,

until it’s out of control)!


I also cleaned out the trunk of my car….magazines,

2 lab coats, work-out clothes….


Now that I’ve got a little extra “space” in my

life, I’m hoping something good will come in

to fill it….


In the meantime, I’m just breathing into that

big space.

Is it hard for you to “make space” and part with

your possessions or do you relish that new space?


  1. I love the space but it's so hard to make it. Congrats to you for getting it done. Happy Monday! Jan

  2. I'm trying hard to make space too but someone keeps filling the empty spaces.

    Congratulations on getting it done. JB

  3. I love purging out old stuff--especially in drawers and my purses--and yeah, the car! If only I could stop my love of perusing old antique malls and thrift shops! I should get an etsy shop--am thinking about it for my "retirement fund"! It would kind of fit our baby boomer niche to feature items from the fifties and sixties(mid century modern) and the granny stuff we remember from our own grandmothers' homes.

  4. I'm with you on getting rid of "stuff"! In fact, my little Ford Escape is full to the ceiling and is headed to the thrift store this morning...and then back home for a second load. It feels so good!