Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fresh from the farm

I’ll admit, I’ve had a few generic posts lately.

However, I came back from the farmer’s market inspired today!

Nothing to perk you up like fresh fruit and veggies!

Yes, summer is really here!

Here is the evidence:


Fresh picked blackberries, that I’m hoping Kenny will transform

into some sort of tart of cobbler….


Yes, I’ve already popped one in my mouth!

Fresh picked peaches from Jones Farm….

another wish for pie! Did I mention that Kenny bought

a little mini pie maker…..he needs to get that out and start



Red and green tomatoes….I’m thinking of some sort

of panini, and the sugar snap peas will be going


into this noodle salad that Kenny whipped up last night.

It’s a Chinese noodle salad with chicken and a spicy sauce….

he was short in the pea pod category, so can’t wait to get these

in there!



Can’t wait to share what we make with all the fabulous

things the farmers have grown and raised!

Off to make me a smoothie with the spinach! Yes, it sounds

weird, but is oh so good!


  1. It's all so wonderful. Nothing like buying directly from the farmers, is there. That salad looks amazing...any possibility of a recipe??

  2. Chinese Noodle Salad?
    Are you just going to tease us or share the recipe?
    Don't make me fly up there...........


  3. I can't wait for my Farm Co-op to start their weekly deliveries. I think it's next week, and each delivery is a surprise.