Sunday, June 3, 2012


Have you ever made a slipcover for a chair?

Well, I attempted one this afternoon….a mock up version.

Just trying it with muslin, to see if I will actually be able

to do this with REAL fabric.

Here is the chair……..


Pretty hideous isn’t it?! Icky color, big stain…..

Kenny bought them at a garage sale a few years ago with

the thought of having them re-upholstered….well, with the

buttons and all that, plus more buttons on the back, it was going

to be quite expensive.

It’s an odd shape, so you can’t just go and buy standard slipcovers

to put over them (there are 2).

So, I’ve googled and watched a few videos and decided that I

should be able to make slipcovers for them.

I purchased 2 yards of cheap muslin, and figured, what the heck!

I anchored some fabric to the back with dressmakers pins….


Then cut away the excess….


I did the same thing with the front….


Then I went back and pinned the excess parts together….


Not sure exactly what is going to happen to this
“wad” of fabric here where all the corners go together…..?!


Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained….

I sewed it all together and it didn’t come out half bad…


I got a little bit of the excess fabric hung up in the sewing machine around the seat edge, so it’s a bit puckered, but next time I’ll know not to leave quite so much excess.

I didn’t hem the bottom, because this is just the mock

up and I wanted to make sure this was something

that was do-able for me…..yes, do-able…..AND

I think it will look better with thicker, wild fabric and maybe

even some piping (not sure, don’t want to get ahead of myself).

Here are some fabric choices…..the sunroom, is kind of

wild and playful room, so we wanted a playful fabric.







Right now, we’re leaning towards the Pucci print

in picture number 4.  Have you ever made slipcovers

for your furniture?

If so, any hints?!

I’m basically a self-taught, don’t sew a lot kind of gal,

so for me this is HUGE!


  1. You are so Brave! I have never attempted anything like a slipcover. Looks like you are doing a great job though. Nice fabric choices. Can't wait to see it finished! Good luck!

  2. Tammy ~
    It looks like you are off to a great start. Good luck with them! I had them made for a couple wing chairs years ago, but I've never attempted it myself.
    Hugs :)

  3. Looks good! Just take it slow & make certain your fabric doesn't have much give or they'll stretch out of shape when they're done. Good look!

  4. Looks good! Just take it slow & make certain your fabric doesn't have much give or they'll stretch out of shape when they're done. Good look!

  5. I picked the Puccini print before igot to the end of your post! It's lovely. You're brave to try this . . . I have a couch I'd like done if you want to practice! Sarah

  6. Hi Tammy, you are a braver woman than I am. I wouldn't have a clue. I do love the fabrics you have chosen. Good Luck with it. can't wait to see it finished. Cheers.

  7. I have looked at that fabric Many times at FM Store. Love it too! I hope that's what you ended up with. And good job on the mock up too! You can do anything, girl!! Call me when they're finished and we'll break them in with a sunroom cocktail!

  8. Tammy, there is no doubt in my mind that what you undertake will be magnificent. You are textile Ninja!

    Most things I've taken on has been in the same style as you and with the same force!

    You go Girl!!!


  9. Hi Tammy,
    Love it when women tackle something new! I'm also self-taught and wrote a slipcover eBook. Take a look over on my blog. It's called "The Lazy Girl's Guide to Custom Slipcovers. It is $10...just FYI. Can't wait to see your finished product and maybe I can feature it! Love your fun fabrics!