Saturday, June 16, 2012

Loving this idea

Ah, , you make my creative juices swirl!

I saw this tray this morning and found it was made with an old

cookie sheet covered with fabric, via spray adhesive….

that sounds do-able!

Then I went to Martha Stewart’s website and there is a

video showing you exactly how to do it…..

that led me to this….several trays arranged on an

Army cot that has been painted….how ingenious is that?

Do these type of things actually look good IN your house

or do they just look good IN A PICTURE?!

Funky, modern and up-cycled….what’s  not to love?!

If you want to see the video, just click on either of the pictures


However, first I’d best finish up my chairs that I’ve started!


I’ve turned things over and over in my head and I think I know

how I’m going to proceed….the seats will have piping as well,

I just love how the piping makes them look….now if I can just

EXECUTE this! Funny how things in my mind, don’t always work

out the way I think they will, but then sometimes I surprise myself!


Cleopatra is getting her sutures out this morning…..


She had another large cyst removed 9 days ago, like she

did this time last year, HERE.

This time, her sutures were purple….


She has been a most excellent patient during her

recovery and has not had to wear the “cone of shame”.


I have worked just a bit on her pillow, but still have a way to go…


Looking forward to a weekend of sewing, hooking and swimming….


Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Pinterest - the biggest black hole of my time! I did some crafts this week that I had pinned. Using some cleaning pins this morning - trying to get a set in grease stain out of my daughters X Country Warm ups.

    Your chairs are looking good - and yes I know what you mean about executing an idea. My solution is to tell my sister and have her do it! She covered my prim make-do chair last year EXACTLY how I had envisioned it.

    Hope you have a good vet visit.
    Enjoy your weekend. ~Ann

  2. I am so addicted to Pinterest it's not healthy. I saw something the other day... a cookie sheet covered in fabric but used with magnets for a message board. I think I could do that.
    Your dog rug is coming along very nicely and I just love the fabric for those chairs. I am to scared to try something like that as you know I throw blankets over my chairs. right now I am stripping an old iron bed. cheers