Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks and a few smalls

Thanks to everyone who has been wishing me well.

Not wheezing today, so I think that’s a good sign.

But enough about my “ick”…..

I’m really not one to “wallow”, lying around has been

difficult, but I’ve tried to see the good in this “down” time.

I’ve read a lot, as you heard the other day, I’ve watched lots of movies.

“The People You Meet in Heaven” made me cry.

“Stone” left me puzzled…tonight we’re watching “A Week With Marilyn”,

looking forward to that one.

I did hook just enough to finish up the little “red rug”….

will it be a rug or a pillow?

Probably a pillow…..

A lot of you you commented on how this reminded you

of watermelon…..not really my intent, but I can

definitely see that!

Here are a few of my older rugs that remind me of spring…

it’s beautiful outside here in the Midwest today…birds singing,

sun shining….just inspiring!

This first little rug was a pattern from Red Rocket Rugs and I think

I bought it from Cammie Bruce many years ago.  I still love it

because it was part of a friendship swap, where several of us

rug hookers from across the US sent each other wool strips and we

worked them into the rug we were working on.

I still love it! Sweet! It hangs in my hooking room, right up

next to the ceiling.

This next one is a pattern from Pris Buttler….I still love

the colors I chose for this one….very cottagey!

Hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness!


  1. Love the sort-of watermelon rug. Great colors! The others are charming. Hope you heal quickly.


  2. The red rug reminds me of watermelon too. It's nice and warm. I think that it would go well with your green wall. I like it. It will look nice with your Christmas tree too.

    Hope that you feel better real soon. Happy St Patrick's Day. JB

  3. Red rug....
    Makes me hungry!
    Makes me want a Bloody Maria too.

    HA! Maybe when you feel better, "we" can have one via the net!

  4. Great rugs, Tammy! Your style of rugs has changed over the years. Both styles are great.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Love the rug! All that red is yummy.

  6. The reds are gorgeous Tammy! I can see that as a pillow on your bench out front....


  7. How are you feeling now???? Hope you are back to yur normal 200%. Hugs sweetie!