Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pretty as a Picture


I went back to work this past week, but still, have

been lounging about quite a bit…..


This leaves me more time to take pictures…..

mainly of the dogs.  Sometimes I feel bad that I

don’t have more pictures of Cleopatra, but every

time I point the camera her way, she quits what

she is doing and starts walking towards me.  I

promise to share some pictures of her that Kenny took

yesterday at the park….he got some really cute ones!


Of course, Lonnie is typically always at my side,

so he is always “camera ready”. Lonnie is a snuggle-bug,

where Cleopatra is pretty much her own woman and

is fairly independent.

We’ve had sunshine and we’ve had rain….grape hyacinths

were popping up their cheery little heads at the park

as well.  I really need to get out in our backyard and take

some pics of what is blooming back there as well….

we are having such a beautiful and early start to spring!


  1. Lonny does seem to love having his picture taken. Our weather has been just gorgeous too. But the last 2 days we've had rain. We do need it to help green up the grass, but it will also encourage more flowers to bloom maybe too early. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Tammy ~
    I am lovin' this weather. It a bit gloomy and rainy today, but still is supposed to be in the 60's so no complaints from me.
    My early blooming daffodils are already done!
    Glad you are feeling better!
    Happy Saturday.
    Hugs :)

  3. So happy to hear that you are feeling better. And, that Lonnie...quite the photogenic (and camera-happy) dog! Love photos of the pups.

  4. Adorable picture of the pup and deserves a kiss right between the eyes.