Thursday, March 1, 2012

More pics

Want to see more pics from the Lenexa Hook-In?

Go here

or here

Thanks Michelle for sharing these links!


Not much going on here….have been ironing and hanging curtains

in our bedroom and then Kenny has had to re-hang them

for me… he tells me….”you can’t hang curtains with


Peyton linen curtains from Pottery Barn…..picked

them up on sale after the hook-in!

(Picture is from PB….I’ll take a pic of mine once they

are PROPERLY installed)

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  1. Tammy, your blog is great. Thanks for the link to our website and the photos Andrea Allen took at the Lenexa Hook In. On the lion rug, it was hooked by Marne Close. She designed it in Pris Butler's Klimt inspired class. She had elements from her trip to China that were incorporated into the rug. Thanks for your great comments on my birch trees also! It is the final fine cut rug to be evaluated for my McGown certification (hopefully Nov. 2012)