Monday, March 26, 2012


Are many of you out there on “Goodreads”?

I must say I’m a bit addicted to this site, and

I’ve been reading so much more than ever before

since I’ve joined.

It keeps lists of books that you’ve read and how you’ve

rated them… can also add your own reviews of the books.

They also have an “app”, so you can add books on your

mobile phone as well…yes, I’m addicted!

as well as books that you might want to read

in the future…..I LOVE this, because how many times

does someone tell you about a book, or you read a review

of a book and think to yourself, “hey, I’d like to read that”, but

when you get a chance to start a new book, you can’t remember

the name of that book for the world!

You can also link up with friends and see what they’ve

been reading or you can just type in the name of a book

or author and see what other people have said about that


I’m currently reading “She’s Come Undone” and I’m loving it….

it’s quite depressing, but kind of like a train wreck that you can’t

help but watch (or in this case read about)…..

1 comment:

  1. I just love"she's come undone", it;s one of my favorites. I am trying the ereader but there's something about a book in my hand that I miss. Maybe I just need to read more on it. Right now I am reading the Hunger it.
    I'll add you to my goodreads friends and review some of your books. have a great day.