Thursday, March 29, 2012



So nice to be able to go out to the back yard today

after work and take pictures of what is blooming…..tulips and



We also have plenty of wild violets…they are a weed

here, but I always think, if they weren’t a weed and they

were hard to grow, I’d probably want to grow them.

Once their blooms fade, I will work at digging more of them

up…..they seem virtually impossible to eradicate.  Perhaps,

we should just embrace their beauty?


Bleeding hearts are another one of my favorites…


What’s not to love…..such a beautiful and romantic



I never can remember what this plant is with the tiny

blue flowers, but the dogs love to munch on it!

It looks like a little lacy cloud!


I love the may apples towering above these little

yellow flowers….


I tried to shoot them from different angles…


Those little flowers were just tucked down in there,

like a secret. (If you go back up to the picture with all

of the little blue flowers and look in the middle of

the picture and just a bit to the right, you can see a little

spot of yellow…those are the petite yellow flowers

that you see above)


  1. Your yard is beautiful! I can't ever remember a spring that is as fragrant as this one. I just walk outside & smell the blooms. Love it!

  2. Your yard is gorgeous! Loosey & Delilah have been very bad in our yard. We are finding holes they've dug everywhere. Our daughter even caught Delilah in the act, digging with her hind legs! Odd we thought! Anyway, I used to have a gorgeous bleeding those! Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us!

  3. Oh Tammy and Kenny:
    The garden is lovely. So so picturesque!!!!!!!! Perhaps that blooms that grow there natureally are meant to be there? Part of God's garden? I say, "let them be". So beatuiful!!!!!!
    Mother Earth

  4. Tammy ~
    Everthing looks beautiful! You are definitely ahead of us. No bleeding hearts ~ yet. I love those, too. I also love violets ~ just not in my! Same goes for ajuga. I also have those lovely little blue flowers and I can't think of the name either. Your yard is always gorgeous.
    Pug hugs ;)